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we help you BOOST to next level performance 


Are you seeking improvement in your life or business results?

Performance and your results are temporary. We share the knowledge, systems and provide you the skills to embrace change and keep improving.

To enjoy great results you need a great foundation. You may be one of the many people and companies looking for a better life or improved performance.

We help you build the process so your goals are attained.

We work with personal clients and business clients to improve YOUR results using systems and techniques that will bring the BEST results for you. We do not sell or provide a single product solution for everyone, that simply does not match your uniqueness. Instead, we match the best proven systems and techniques as a support for your unique phase in life+business and culture.

At JAMSO , we help you and your business understand the story behind your metrics and data. We develop and build the competence in people and business to use performance tools for your increased competitiveness. Using standard and unique JAMSO management techniques we lift your performance to new levels.

Find our value through training, workshops and solutions world wide.

you were very supportive and encouraging......Your sense of humour helped us to release the stress...... You were inspiring us to look for new solutions but at the same time to implement standard work procedures.
— Robert Sokolowski - Poland


LinkedIn awarded us a Top 4% position for social selling within goal setting and performance indicators - Thanks! 

LinkedIn Top 4percent social selling rank

Quora: Most Viewed Writer for KPI's

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September: Well, what a great August we had. We now have over 190,000 visitors a month to our Pinterest profile, over 10,000 people and business folk from around the world now follow us on Twitter and we gained new recognition levels on LinkedIn. 

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Case studies

Learn from this case study and questionnaire for business goal setting

Goal Setting case study by Brian Francis Redmond in 2011

White Papers

Here is a list of goal setting white papers curated by us

We have created a list of common terms used within Goal Setting. Read it here 


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