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We help ambitious people and companies through sharing and guiding you through the systems, techniques and knowledge to get ahead and stay ahead in life and business.

From achievable goals this year to longer term plans and ambitions.

From measured Q1 sales to true performance through metrics - we have you covered.

We help you make positive change to your habits and behavior today.

You create a success model through our help to secure your desires faster.

You learn the fastest and powerful tools for success wins that match your skills.

We help you build the process so your goals are attained. You improve YOUR results using systems and techniques that will bring the BEST results for you or your business.

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People and business use JAMSO free content to help improve and answer performance questions:

  • Team management and leadership skills: Clear vision planning and measured progress.

  • Problem solving through strategic tools: Personal and organizational challenges solved.

  • Objective and project management success: Decision making and time management tools.

  • Motivational and culture change: Inspiration with followed through action measures.

  • Performance measure change: Moving from reporting to predictive analytics.

  • Gamification principles: Sustain engagement and motivational levels.

We match the best proven systems and techniques as a support for your unique phase in life+business and culture.


Milestone Achievements

Quora: Gave us the accolade as “A Most Viewed Writer for KPI's, Goal Setting and Personal Goals” with over 177,073 views of our answers plus many shares and upvotes. 

LinkedIn: Measured us by their Social Selling Index as within our industry Top 5% for 2018 

We are recognized by Onalytica as a Top 40 Business Intelligence influencer brand - 2018 Thanks

Thanks to the website UpJourney whom asked us as one of 16 experts to list our top none fiction books. Take a look at their article and great list.

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examples and great Cease studies

Learn from this case study and questionnaire for business goal setting

Goal Setting case study by Brian Francis Redmond in 2011

the top White Papers

Here is a list of curated goal setting white papers curated by us. 

We have created a list of common terms used within Goal Setting.


Also worth a click

Here are a couple of additional web sources you might want to consider during your browsing experience. Note we have no affiliation with the companies or organizations in these links, we simply value them enough to share.

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Goal Setting: Success magazine is a great resource especially for personal development.

TED do a great series of talks on Goal Setting. Grab a coffee, note pad and pen and enjoy their content.

Metrics: Meta Research Innovation Center at Stanford

The Klipfolio blog is an interesting place for metrics and analytics related articles.