Founder of JAMSO - James Sean Doyle

JAMSO was established in 2014 and stopped as a commercial business in 2019. It was named named after the first initial from each family member of the founder (including the O for Otto their first dog !)

A personal quest and journey to jamso :-


I have created a lot of "luck" in my life. I say luck with a little wink and sense of humor. I know success comes from hard work, diligence and making sure you put yourself on the line accountable whilst maximizing knowledge already acquired from experts in the field.This approach has enabled me to take special quality time with my family and own personal development to explore the world. The results have been felt directly from employees and SME to global corporations. People often cite to follow a passion and yet I simply have a PASSIONATE approach to just about anything I do.

A trusted and proven track record to bring the largest bang for buck with sustained quantitative and qualitative results. Outstanding respect for individual and business vision matches. A proven strategic leader across global cultures.

Goal management expert and implemented best practice with teams, process, budgeting, sourcing projects, optimizing people and organizational results. A fantastic communicator from the executive office, factory management, operational workers, full supply chain personnel and customers .

Specialties: KPI expert, Leadership, management, team building and personal team performance improvements. Sales , marketing and procurement management , international and virtual team management. Market , customer and supplier relationship management using business intelligence tools, gamification and user/customer experience specialist.

If you seek personal, business organization, supplier, sales performance improvement to increase bottom line tangible results then James and JAMSO got it done.

Childhood : Born from Irish parents in the UK and lived in Gloucestershire.

Growing Up : Worked and studied mostly within engineering for diesel engine production. Keen martial artist, keen scout, keen mountaineer and awful guitar player.

Adventure : Traveled over 50 nations on almost every continent. From solo travel to group travel, from tour bus to leading expeditions. Here I met my Danish wife, climbed many mountains and sat next to gorillas with contented smiles.

The Moves : Transitioned from engineering to business and studied to support these skills needed. Moved departmental operations due to my own expansion of business twice in the UK. Decided to move to Denmark and create a new life in Scandinavia. Changed from climbing up mountains to skydiving , keen 10km and half marathon runner. Established an acknowledged global brand of excellence through JAMSO recognized as a Top 5% SSI ranking in LinkedIn, Top 40 Global Brand in Business Intelligence, Most Read Writer status on KPI’s and Goals on Quora.

Study : University of Bristol , Bristol Polytechnic and the world from the streets of Kampala to New York. Ongoing never ending process of learning on a human and academic level.

Work Experience : From multi - billion CEO's to small 1 person business I have had great pleasure dealing with them all. Positions of leadership have always been encouraged to me and sought as I have lead small, medium and full business organizations through change to success.

Interests : I am an avid follower of MotoGP motorbike sport racing, a very keen skydiver with several hundred parachute jumps, runner, loving husband and father and remain passionate about new personal development skills.

Contract size from a few hundreds of pounds per deal to multi-million pound global contracts to ensure success. The rewards come from sincerity and gratitude of the giver and receiver.

The so what : I focus on the job in hand , put a huge smile and energy into gaining the best results and use all techniques and skills to provide the best solutions from standard work to unique developed solutions. That is how I help you through JAMSO with the free material available.

The O in JAMSO = Otto the dog. A blue merle border collie.

The O in JAMSO = Otto the dog. A blue merle border collie.