The 10 most motivational and inspirational videos

Stimulate your emotions with these high impact videos

Will Smith a keen user of positive affirmations

Will Smith a keen user of positive affirmations

Some days the light shines through the window, you feel fresh and ready to tackle anything that the world can throw at you.

Other days everyone occasionally needs a little “pick me up”, a motivational boost.

These can be find through daily affirmations, a reminder of set goals, looking at the people that surround you and the tasks you are working on.

For most of us, we also get the day that seems to just bring you down a little more. We have the right diet, the correct sleep, we know the purpose and why we work on what we do, yet we need some fresh inspiration, a reminder from a third party to help lift us up and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

This list of videos are also on this JAMSO Playlist on YouTube that you can join and refer to at any time to help boost your day, improve confidence and make a success in your life.

1: Skydiver Luke Aikins successfully jumped from 25,000 ft with no parachute, into a net!

Duration 3:37 minutes

Why I am inspired by this video and how it can help you to:

I am a current skydiver with many hundreds of jumps. This video inspires me on many levels. It is a reminder to me that what appears normal (jumping from a plane) to me makes other people shudder in fear. It reminds me the technical and mind training journey required to control yourself at times of high stress to achieve freedom of expression and reach new technical limits.

The jump itself is straight forward, the jump is also assisted by oxygen for the high level exit, and then a series of positioning sensors inform the jumper when he is at the correct position for the landing. The net design had to be calculated considering many elements such as weight and speed of impact.

The video is a great reminder to the viewer that huge seemingly crazy ideas can be broken down step by step into solid critical success factors. I hope you enjoy it!

2: Overnight Success: Gary Vaynerchuk

Duration 7:59

Why I am inspired by this video from Gary and how it can help you to:

When I first heard Gary Vaynerchuk I did not like him. I remain from a European cultural mix between Irish, English and Danish. These values and cultural norms make me react to Gary’s New York “in your face” approach in an initial negative way. However, knowing my natural bias, I ensure I give people the benefit of the doubt. Gary has won me over. He comes across as a brash but honest and clever entrepreneur whom is prepared to say the uncomfortable truths; he somehow manages to attain a slightly humble appeal when talking about his family and hard work but also then is proud enough to ram his results in your face when he succeeds.

3: Sacrifice to succeed

Duration 6:11

Why I am inspired by this motivational video and how it can help you to:

There are enough questions and words of wisdom here in 6 minutes than you can find in a years’ worth of party conversation. I love this standard type video that consolidates and motivates on a personal level. This is the well-designed self-talk that we give ourselves in moments of doubt. No more description required! 

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4: We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer

Duration 3:12

Why I am inspired by this fun video and how it can help you to:

This is a beautifully scripted and filmed video. The video is simply a trailer by a UK TV channel to promote the Paralympics yet to me it achieves so much more. The video is full of surprises and grandiose gestures mixed with a sense of awe and humor.

For anyone struggling with a mental or physical challenge then please take the few minutes to reflect on the content. It is so full of so many talents and outstanding inspirational performances I challenge you not to feel inspired after it!

5: Nike - Find Your Greatness

Duration 6:31

Why I am inspired by this Nike video and how it can help you to:

Nike has done an outstanding job with its brand. I know few companies that seem to have captured the mood and struggles and wishes of its customers and expressed it so well throughout all their marketing and product content. As a brand owner, I am also inspired by Nike’s values and through their celebrations of excellence whilst also knowing their role to motivate their customers and consumers. A very well crafted video for inspiration, and I suggest please do spend more time to review their other videos for motivation, you will not be disappointed.

6: What if money was no object? – Alan Watts

Duration 3:04

Why I am inspired by this philosophers video and how it can help you to:

Alan Watts has such an eloquent method of storytelling and is one of the leading influential philosophers of the past 50 years. I love to listen to any of Alan’s lectures as I find I also share most of his views and opinions. Alan poses simple great questions and explains his answer in this video as a guiding light to help make the world a better place. The question for you after the 3:04 is over, what will you do next?

7: How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig 

Duration 10:32

Why I am inspired by this TEDx video and how it can help you to:

It is hard to produce a modern list of motivational and inspirational videos without somewhere including a TED Talk! This video mixes the classic TED storyline of sweet concise presentation skills, mixed with a personal story and some clear take-aways. The take away in this video is so profound; it could just turn out to be your most important 10 minutes you ever spent.

8: MINDSHIFT by Tony Robbins - Motivational Video

Duration 6:28

Why I am inspired by a Tony Robbins video and how it can help you to:

Despite much of my writing on goal setting and motivation, I must confess that although I respect the work of Tony Robbins and cannot deny his success, I do not always like him. For me there is a style problem, he is simply too American for my European taste in the method of presentation, there is a lot of style that for me could be replaced by more content. This video however does a great job of sharing what Tony Robbins does best. He helps explain the need and method of mind shift for personal development. A great video that translates across even to my cultural bias.

9: Famous Failures

Duration 2:58

Why I am inspired by this video about Failures and how it can help you to:

There is no question that in today’s modern society we are surrounded by examples of success. We are almost told to worship the most successful people and the sheer number of examples becomes over whelming. This video is a great reminder that true success comes only after many failures and repetitions, from work and grit to achieve the end goal result whilst overcoming the fear of failure or success


No Link yet…..

Duration Time to be decided….

Why I am inspired by this unmade video and how it can help you to:

Let me know the video that inspires and motivates you the most. I would love to hear from you. Even better, why not make your own motivational video and send me a link, who knows it, just might be included when I update this article later.

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James Doyle - Chief Motivation Officer - JAMSO

James Doyle - Chief Motivation Officer - JAMSO

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