10 steps to get your goals back on track

10 steps to get your goals back on track

Can you recall the magical moment that the goals were set? Do you recall the satisfaction that it gave you and the clarity to your business on where, when, how much and what needs to get done. But now after a while despite a couple of good starts, some performances are no longer meeting the goal objectives on time. At this point in the game (sometimes it is important to see it as a game) motivation slides and performance drops further. If you are not careful you will soon be ignoring those fine well meant goals and start to create new ones again. So the cycle continues and business goes on without ever reaching the lofty heights you know you deserve.

If you follow the below steps I assure you can make some positive steps to move your goals back on tract - and it's free information so invest the next 5 minutes and get the goals back to performance again.


What is the visual key your business is using for the metric and goal? Is it a boring graph all scaled wrong and now looking a little worn out that no one looks at anymore? Try to review it and maybe consider asking your key stakeholders to create a simple vision board . The use of vision boards is more affluent in personal development but is starting to creep into the corporate world.


Keep each stakeholder accountable for the agreed goals. Leaders need to review and understand if additional workloads are distracting staff from their goal objectives and redistribute resources and adjust systems accordingly. Use other departments in the organization to hold each other accountable for key goals. See my other blog on 3 simple steps to improve accountability.


The frequency of measurement and the accuracy of the measurements taken may provide incorrect or misleading information on your goal progress and performance. A simple and clear presentation of understandable measurements should be in place for ease of understanding within an organization. Have you ever compared a mobile App GPS (gobal positioning system) measurement system with a GPS wrist mounted sports watch? On their own each does a great job however when placed side to side on a ride or run then the results can be confusing and demotivating.


Understand and appreciate that not all progress is linear. External events also occur that effect the momentum of goal achievement. At these testing times review the next objection hurdle and break down into smaller steps or even new small sub goals. Ensuring dedicated time and resources are made available to allow consistent progress and development will eventually provide a path towards goal completion.


The daily repetitive nature of many activities distract and provide a clouded perspective of progress. A reminder of prior performance or prior state helps boost morale when considering the new present performance state. So the message here is to understand its a marathon and not a sprint race.

Analysis paralysis

Progress of goals can be stalled or stopped through the use of over analysis. If assumptions need to be made to make progress then simply make them and allow for them later. It is better to make progress forward in the knowledge that some adjustments may need to be made on the way than spending too much time and building less experience by pondering on too much subjective data.


A need to continually seek standards is important to ensure your goal remains valid, relevant and therefore a priority. Benchmarking, networking and the use of consultants and mentors offer great insights and speedy adjustments to improve performance of your goal.


Goals are often set so new developments, standards and learning improves the competitive edge of a business. Programmed review of specific goal hurdles, methods of resolution and new ideas for potential future risks is an important building block experience. These sessions should be documented and used to increase efficiency and skills base within the organization.


Milestone points set within a large goal can be great times to celebrate and share rewards. They offer incentive and boost motivation in the short term but use them well and proportional to the business culture.


Most of the prior steps are linked to establishing forms of encouragement and yet I placed it as a separate step here. The reason is simple. Goals should be tough and when exposed to continued hardship mankind has a fantastic track record of historic achievements lead through encouragement.  So provide encouragement and seek encouragement of your goals to increase the change of success.

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