Boost productivity through reporting by exception and .....

Productivity through reporting by exception

Does this sound a little bit too familiar? Admit it, go on admit it. You forgot the last 2 slides didn't you, you sighed when another power point metric was shown. I mean what is the purpose of these meetings anyhow, they show the slides and run out of time before making any real concrete decisions and defined action plans, only to be repeated again tomorrow or next week.

Consider everything an experiment
— Corita Kent


You are fortunate that most business meetings are not like this, however we have all attended such a meeting, maybe even been part of it and used the time to think about a holiday plan or the special cheese we need to buy on the way home.

Implement the below simple steps and see a boost in your productivity with these simple rules.

1) Identify performance tolerance bands. If the performance of the metric is within the band then do not waste time preparing a slide with notes, do now waste the time to explain or show the slide. It is within the tolerance band trend of performance so no need to share it.

2) Any performance over or under the tolerance bands should be the ones shown. This provides leadership the opportunity to acknowledge, reward and offer incentive to higher performance over the tolerance bands. Equally it offers the business an opportunity to concentrate on the lower performing areas so within the same meeting time as before, you can now generate action plans, identify resources, plan corrective actions, brainstorm and prioritize.

Whiteboard enagement


3) You can boost engagement in a meeting by approximately 28% simply by writing on a white board, notes and images and drawing arrow connections between points and comments and contributions made.

4) Start the meeting with a cost summary. “This meeting needs to bring xUSD to the table or it is not adding value”. I accept this maybe a trifle bold for some organizations but give it a try and agree a figure considering estimated staffing costs + utility costs + costs of lost productivity whilst attending.

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus
— Alexander Graham Bell


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