55 Podcasts for Business and Life

55 Podcasts for Business and Life

James Doyle - JAMSO Chief Podcast Officer

James Doyle - JAMSO Chief Podcast Officer

The use of podcasts is expanding across social and business areas. Their ability to provide high value long form content on a specific subject renders them a perfect platform to remain up to date with trends, news, ideas and refresh old skills.

We use podcasts within JAMSO to remain abreast of new developments and as a method to relax and unwind after the day’s work is done. Here is a sample share of the podcasts currently on our founder - James Doyle’s phone.

These podcasts can be found via ITunes (Apple products) or Stitcher (Android products). Some have dedicated websites where the podcast can be streamed directly from their site locations. Many of the dedicated websites have outstanding additional material; opt in lists for free extra material and transcripts of their shows.

Data, Analytics and User Experience

Server city

Server city

At the time of this article I have recently reduced the number of podcasts in this genre.

Many of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence podcasts have been biased to home use equipment and search engines or social media applications.

The sources below offer a great mix of real world discussions, new trends and challenges faced within this fast paced world of data science.

  1. O'Reilly Data Show Podcast

  2. UX and Growth Podcast

  3. UX Podcast

  4. What’s The Point

  5. Linear Digressions

Fintech and Finance

One button purchase

One button purchase

For JAMSO, we always seek new finance podcasts to catch new trends and ideas. Several of the below podcasts have been shared below in our prior blogs. Special note goes to Around The Coin which is full of great information surprises and London Fintech podcast for its critical and insightful view of Fintech.

  1. London Fintech

  2. Around The Coin

  3. Barefoot Innovation

  4. Bitcoin Knowledge

  5. Breaking Banks

  6. We study Billionaires

  7. FT Banking Weekly

  8. FT Money Show

  9. The Big Podcast


Science and Technology

How we use data and solve problems in society starts with the research from science and deployment of technology and a special drop of data visualization. The podcasts here offer some insight, trends, ideas and updates. We find these offers some case information for data analytics and metrics with business.

  1. BBC World Service The Science Hour

  2. Data Stories

  3. Tech weekly


Leadership meeting

Leadership meeting

The business world leans heavily upon academic research and consultancy ideas.

These three podcasts provide the perfect intersection where theory meets reality and one with a twist of humor.

This content variety often stimulates us into further research or thoughts.



  1. Listen To Lucy

  2. HBR Ideacast

  3. LSE Public Lectures and Events


I enjoy the mix of sources in this list. Here we cover philosophy, life hacks, productivity, ethics and emotional intelligence concepts. There are many great sources of inspiration and reminders to keep our own material fresh and use as benchmark reference points.

  1. Alan Watts Podcast

  2. TED Radio Hour

  3. Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

  4. The Art of Manliness

  5. London Real

  6. The Charged Life – Brendon Burchard

  7. Get it Done Guys Quick and Dirty Tips

  8. The Art of Charm


The legend Jimi Hendrix king of cultural influence

The legend Jimi Hendrix king of cultural influence

This mix of podcasts offer cultural insights to challenges, stories and events. James grew up in England so a mix of UK and USA is biased in the selection.

The list of cultural podcasts changes as often as our comedy sources, so currently you see within this list a slight skew of US election themed sources to keep us abreast of the mood and movements.

  1. The James Altucher Show

  2. Serial

  3. Waking Up – Sam Harris

  4. Politics Weekly

  5. BBC Radio – The Bottom Line

  6. Common Sense – Dan Carlin

  7. The Anoncast

  8. The Inquiry

Social Media:

JAMSO participates in social media through Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We are exploring the possibility of SNAPCHAT but have not yet made the formal plunge. Here are the sources we gain insights and ideas to ensure our content is relevant, up to date and recognizes consumption patterns of information and engagement.

  1. The AskGaryVee Podcast

  2. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

  3. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield

  4. Become a ProBlogger – Darren Rowse


More smiles per inch found in this man than most in history. Enjoy

More smiles per inch found in this man than most in history. Enjoy

For me almost every Saturday morning starts with a comedy podcast.

I vary the sources to listen to but the Friday Night Comedy show has remained on my playlist the longest.

  1. BBC Radio Friday Night Comedy

  2. The Guilty Feminist

  3. Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits

  4. The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X






A nice relaxing pass time is the study of various history lessons. Currently I focus on the below themes to generate some new perspectives on the cultural influences, facts, views, strategies and reminders.

  1. The British History Podcast

  2. History of WWII

  3. The History of China

  4. The China History Podcast

  5. Hardcore History


James building a formation over Germany

James building a formation over Germany

As an active skydiver for almost 14 years these podcasts are like gold dust. In such a niched sport it is great to have some fantastic podcasts that keep me updated on the sport, new equipment and discussion points.

  1. Skydive Radio

  2. Radio Skydive UK

  3. Jump Twenty Six

Motorbike Racing 

Motorbike Racing with Valentino Rossi

Motorbike Racing with Valentino Rossi

A side interest for me is motorbike racing. I love to follow the updates on road circuits such as the Isle Of Man TT, Northwest 200 but most of my season follow up is for the MotoGP, Moto3 and Moto2 series.



The great podcasts that cover these include


  1. BrotoGP

  2. MotoPod

  3. The Paddock Pass Podcast


Written by James Doyle, founder of JAMSO. We have over 200 free articles, tools and resources for your success.