9 goal setting jokes

Enjoy a giggle about goals

Here are a few funny quotes, jokes, and amusing stories to show the light-hearted side of goal setting. You might recognize some of these within your own goal experience! Enjoy.

1: Creating Life Goals


I always ask children what they want to be when they grow up. That’s because I am still looking for ideas.

2: Entrepreneurs nightmare goals

Our company goal for 2018 is to accomplish the goals of 2017, which we should have done in 2016 because we committed to them in 2015 and planned them already during 2014.

3: Developing career goals

By working faithfully and hard for eight hours a day I may eventually get to be the manager and work twelve hours a day.

4: Define your wish wants and need

Some people develop a wishbone where their backbone should be.
- Anonymous

5: Misunderstanding Fitness

Excercise? I thought you said extra fries.

6: My goal setting theory SMART goals have gone wrong

S - Started with a specific goal

M - Moaned about the measurement

A - Asked if this will ever be over

R - Realised I ought never to have started

T - Think about a new goal

7: Making goals too public

This mum has goals

This mum has goals

When John returned home from university for a vacation. he spotted a note on the refrigerator door. Written on the note were the goals my mother had set for herself

Start pottery class in September, Join running club this week.

Seeing an opportunity John added "Sow Johns clothes and iron his shirts” The following day, his sister added “Allow Susan to stay up later during the week”, then the dad finally added “Buy Martin a season ticket for Manchester City”

So, the mother added one more item to herself: "Move away from the family by Thursday."

8: A story of cabbage

Simon and Morten had grown up together, studied together and then joined the same company for work at the same time. They had the same qualifications and both worked very hard, with similar attendance records.

After a few years, Simon remained a marketing executive whilst Morten became the Marketing Manager. Simon felt jealous and decided to resign. He explained to the boss that he did not feel adequately rewarded or recognized for his hard work.

The boss realized a lesson could be taught. So, he got Simon and Morten together and said. “Pop out and find who is selling cabbage along this road”.

Simon returned shortly after. The boss asked who was selling cabbage. Simon said, Tesco’s and the corner shop.

Know your market goals

Know your market goals

The boss then has done the same for Morten and asked the same question. Morten answered “Tesco’s stock cabbage from regional producers, their price range varies about 5% over the year and their stock levels remain despite the season. The corner shop supplies organic only cabbage and has enough for 10 family’s a week during season time. Out of season, they replace the shelf with oranges and apples instead. Tesco’s serves everyday customers and the corner shop mostly to older customers and 3 local restaurants. They would like to stock more cabbage but earn more money profit from the fruit so cabbage is just to keep customers happy”.

Simon instantly recognized the difference between himself and Morten and asked to remain within the business so he could learn more from Morten.

9: A motivational story about goals with an amusing twist

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