A catalog of goal setting white papers

The Ultimate Catalog of Goal Theory White Papers

When seeking to apply the best benchmark examples and latest ideas on a subject, research brings us quickly to white paper sources. Here is a short list of white papers we have applied and used at JAMSO to help boost goal setting and performance with clients around the world.

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Goal Setting White Papers

The Dark Side of Goal Setting : The role of goals in motivating unethical decision making. A paper by Maurice E. Schweitzer Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104 and Lisa Ordonez and Bambi Douma University of Arizona.

·        This paper demonstrates how goal setting can motivate unethical behavior. A serious point of reminder in the design of your goals for life and business.

The story behind the claim of an infamous Harvard case study in goal setting.

·        A claim cited by many within the world of goal setting is a study that was supposedly conducted by Harvard showing why 3% of Harvard MBA’s make 10 times as much as the other 97% combined using goal setting. This study does not seem to exist!

The Power of Setting SMARTR Goals Connie I. Reimers-Hild University of Nebraska-Lincoln SMARTR goals .

·        This presented model in our opinion is not complete. The second R in SMARTR is rewarded. Using the inclusive SMARTER system as adopted by JAMSO we use the second R for rewarded and reviewed. We also have an E between the T and R to ensure your goals are Enjoyable and Ethical.

Goal setting a crucial CEO function by Levin Group

·        A clear and concise reason to introduce goal setting into a business. The case presented here is focused on dentistry but applies across all business applications.

Harvard business school white paper on Goals Gone Wild the systemic side effects of over prescribing goal setting by Lisa D. Ordóñez Maurice E. Schweitzer Adam D. Galinsky Max H. Bazerman.

·        Another thought provoking paper with Maurice Schweitzer highlighting the breadth of considerations needed when introducing goal setting systems. I enjoy the “warning label” provided on page 26 of the paper as a serious but amusingly presented set of considerations to apply for good goal setting.

Goal based leadership a strategic management approach a white paper by Krister Forsberg.

·        This paper does a great job to deliver a “how to” implementation process of goal setting within a business context. The cornerstones of this white paper include Empowered management teams, Key Stakeholders’ evaluation of the organization, own capabilities which improve own performance and stakeholder collaboration.

Goal Setting: A Fresh Perspective. An Oracle Taleo Cloud Service White Paper.

·        This white paper from Oracle offers a new manager some great basic tips and ideas on how to implement business goal setting. It can be applied simply across organizations and includes most of the key important steps. A special note includes the inclusion of the idea to create SET SMART goals. SET is defined as S – Scare competitors E – Engage employees T – Thrill customers.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting white paper by Boatsman Gilmore Wagner

·        An assessment tool white paper that covers these subjects a little but thinly however the content produces an assessment framework to build upon for a business organization. If this is one of the first times your organization has considered the application of strategic planning and goal setting then it is a great reference item.

Best practices: Goal setting – how and why it works by TCii Strategic Management Consultants

·        This basic 10 page white paper provides a wider sweep of ideas for goal setting applications within a business and personal life context. I like the fact that this paper has identified the need to combine both work and business goals as part of the whole goal setting experience for success and achievement. A special note from this white paper is their use of quantum goals. Quantum goals as described here follow the similar ideas as shared within the 10x, BHAG frameworks.

Goal-Setting Theory of Motivation Fred C. Lunenburg Sam Houston State University

·        This pulls heavily upon the goal setting theory work conducted by Locke and Latham on goals and performance. Within the conclusion of this paper is the importance of goal participants to accept their goals gain rapid feedback and tackle challenging tasks. I like the fact this paper identifies the need for individual and group goals as well as an emphasis on learning goal orientations.

New Directions in Goal-Setting Theory Edwin A. Locke and Gary P. Latham R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, and Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

·        This is the core body of work as reviewed and discussed within the previous white paper above by Fred C. Lunenburg. This original work offers insights and new potential areas of research for the future to expand the knowledge and questions raised through Locke and Lathams motivational work with goal setting theory.

Difficulties with implementation of goal setting for construction. By Ahmad Hadavi, Associate Member, ASCE, and Raymond d. Krizekfl Member, ASCE

·        A peer reviewed paper highlighting the general productivity benefits of business goal setting. They recognize an average improvement of 20% in productivity is gained across most industries. Here they present the challenges specific to the construction industry and its specific lack of testing and verification in that area alone.

  • Goal setting and task performance – 1969 – 1980 by Edwin A. Locke College of Business and Management and Department of Psychology University of Maryland Lise M. Saari Department of Psychology University of Washington Karyll N. Shaw College of Business and Management University of Maryland Gary P. Latham Graduate School of Business Administration University of Washington

·        A much cited paper and body of work concluding the extensive research into goal setting. This study explains how 90% of studies showed positive effects both in the lab and in the field. They identify the need for more research in motivation and sustainability of performance. I like the paper also for its identification of step goals (now applied through project management milestone principles)

Building a Practically Useful Theory of Goal Setting and Task Motivation A 35-Year Odyssey Edwin A. Locke University of Maryland Gary P. Latham University of Toronto.

·        A great paper to summarize 35 years of research on goal-setting theory. They describe the core findings of the theory, the mechanisms by which goals operate moderators of goal effects, the relation of goals and satisfaction, and the role of goals as mediators of incentives. Included within this paper is the practical significance of goal-setting theory and new directions in goal-setting research are discussed. The relationships of goal setting to other theories are described as are the theory’s limitation.

The OPTIMAL MBO - A Model For Effective Management-By-Objectives Implementation.

Research paper and work done by Sharon Gotteiner from the University of Catulnya.

A refreshing read that injects a new financial focus and wider accountability across goal actions. Published only in 2016 we expect this paper to gain a much wider acceptance across companies and consultant solutions

Goal-Setting Considerations for Persuasive Technologies that Encourage Physical Activity.  Sunny Consolvo , Predrag Klasnja , David W. McDonald , & James A. Landay. Intel Research Seattle Seattle, the Information School DUB Group University of Washington Seattle, Computer Science & Engineering DUB Group University of Washington Seattle.

·        A great paper addressing the use of behavior change and persuasive technology. Within the conclusions are a desire for self-selected goals and the desire for concluding weeks and not rolling date cycles.

Study focuses on strategies for achieving goals, resolutions. By Psychology professor Dr Gail Matthews

·        An interesting short paper highlighting the advantages of sharing goals and accountability as an important element to success. The paper also supports the need to write your goals down.

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