My Guys and Gals - a unique network

Enhance your personal network

Making dramatic changes in life can be stressful, hard and appear almost impossible. This is even more apparent if the changes to be taken will include radical new life steps i.e. starting your own business, changing a long time position or career, radically increasing your exercise regime.

Your personal and professional network are critical elements to help support and inspire the changes you seek to make. However the friendships you hold and cherish may be slowing you down to make the real progress and potential you have within yourself. Often the embarrassment of possible social status change due to perceived risk holds people back when in pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.

There can be no doubt that such a radical change in your life may effect the people you hang out with or network within a professional landscape. Do not think of the changes and any loss of friendship as a negative experience but more a parting of paths, similar to the ones we have had in life when great friends moved away.

Seek new individuals that have similar aspirations and dreams as you. This will broaden your pool of people to help inspire you or you inspire them. Mentoring is a great help to move dreams, change and skills forward in a way that your existing network may not be able to support fully.  

Your unique network should be a "My Guys and Gals" feeling. Uniquely built for where you are and the next phase in your journey. A great network will help you through life to smash those dreams, provide the support and encouragement you need at each step of the way.

So go out there and make some steps this week to help develop your "My Guys and Gals" unique network for success.