Accomplish every goal within 90 days

Accomplishing goals within 90 days

Do you notice that often the very short term goals get done? Go for a bike ride today/tomorrow, change process x on Wednesday, hold the meeting to close of outstanding points in 3 hours’ time. The mind works in a way that copes well with short term time lines. The average human can understand and anticipate effort and reward within such a 90 day period but we often struggle much beyond that.

There is no surprise that most New Year’s resolutions tend to drop off rapidly and yet for people who can sustain have a magical 67-90 days the newly formed habits remained.

Long term goal

The same applies to goal setting and therefore management of annual targets should where possible reflect these realities of 90day actions. An important point of note is that most companies that run quarterly targets should be reporting more frequently on their progress of the previous 90days and next 90day actions and not just the 4 dates of review in the diary.

But why should management focus on such “short term goals”?

  1. Longer term goals can be prepared well through 90 day time slots. This works very well in large change management shifts for a business. It allows addressing “laggards”, stimulating early adopters and providing evidence of progress.

  2. Setting 90 day actions/goals are easier for all stakeholders to relate and understand what is realistic. It increases the visibility, sense of urgency and purpose to daily, weekly tasks.

  3. Just imagine what can change in business within a 12 month period. A long host of internal and external events can assign long terms goals to a wish list and a dream. It only takes a CEO, manager change to impact longer term goals as opposed to having shorter term goals which improves accountability and allows for completion.

  4. Any business able to pivot on a dime will be able to adapt to other changes and therefore gain new opportunities.

  5. It helps you measure growth. Taking a tally every 90 days can motivate you and help you grow.

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