The best silver bullet activities for your goals.

Easy actions for your longer term objectives

We all have goals, even if it means grabbing that coffee in the next 10 minutes or ordering a pizza for a lazy night in. Yet, those are not the type of goals that people talk about, dream about, or become too excited about. To make that transformation and change from minor daily tasks that we have convinced ourselves are indeed goals, towards real goals that challenge and affect our very purpose for living requires a little more inspiration and engaged activity.

Here we share some of the more rapid “Silver bullet” activities to help inspire and generated a level of motivation for longer term meaningful goals.

State of the Union Address 2050+

Here you cast your mind forwards in time. Select a time span that stretches your life over decades and is a special occasion to be shared with your peers, network, community and close family and friends.

What will be the legacy you have left for them to recall the times you have shared together, the challenges you overcame and the type of person you developed into over the years.

This method is short and high impactful. It helps us focus on what really matters in life and addresses the way we shall approach ethically to attain a future position within the community and enjoy the goals we created personally.

Even if you cannot come up with direct goals in each area of life straight away, just fill in what you can and what feels correct right now. These may be adjusted over time but should help steer and guide your overall values, vision, principles and strategy for the long term.

Copy a summary from others bucket lists

Just because you have not thought of it yourself at first, does not mean you won’t find a perfect match and desire to experience a goal another person created. One fun activity I love to see with others is how their face chances and motivation grows when they are reminded of an old forgotten dream or newly created one. So, go online or ask your friends what is on their life’s bucket lists.

A bucket list is a number of experiences and goals someone wants to attain before they pass away.

Remove parts of your life to discover your passion

Look at each area in your life and start to ask yourself what are you willing to give up. I suggest having a piece of paper and draw some vertical lines, list what you are NOT willing to give up, then in another column list the items you are willing to do less of.

The list that you refuse to give up on, highlight areas you are CURRENTLY passionate about. Now, let’s be hard and honest – that might change in time. But right now it is on your list. So, look at them again and see how they can become stretched to become part of a wider and bigger goal. You love going motorsports events? Great, consider how this might link to becoming a commentator, seller, podcaster, participant, marshal connected to the activity you feel a passion for.

This process often highlights new goals and new potentials for goals to develop into.

Draw it out

I have written before on how effective vision boards are for many people. This method of creating goals simply by drawing or cutting out images that represent a future state can become infectious and creative way to help fine tune desires into specific actionable goals. For instance living in a sun filled villa with a view of the coast, becomes a specific design and location.

The vision evolves overtime to become more specific as the details of your vision become clearer and understanding improves. This is a great tool to help start heading in the right direction for a goal and then fine tune over time.

Write it, commit to it, get on with it.

Sometimes the most effective activity is the most simple and obvious. So, why not simply sit down, write down your goal, list the resources and time required to it. Then from those details create a clear action plan to commit and then follow through with regular performance updates.

This strategy is at the core of most of the popular goal setting theories in place today.

Create a pole position starting grid

Not all goals can be done together. So, establishing a list of goals and assigning a start and completion order helps retain a sharper focus and boost productivity on objective tasks. This lists approach to goals works best for those who respond best to singular task focus. It is also a great way to START on your goals and then adjust to other methods after, if it helps an initial kick start for your improvements needed in productivity and time management.

Get to your happy place.

For some reason, certain locations relax and resonate with people. For me it might be a cliff top overlooking a valley, for you a church or someone else a vibrant city park. Wherever that happy place is, go there to reflect upon your ambitions, wants, desires and needs. Use these to become the birth place of your clear goals.

Return to your discovered happy place for improved clarity, new goal setting and to reconnect to the reason why you created the goal in the first place.

Which goal setting activities have worked for you the most in the past?