Algorithms in driverless cars is more sexy

What's hot and what's not

We all hear and read about the innovation within the #EV electric vehicle industry and driver less car innovations. Some of these steps have gained huge PR through Google's steps forward, even governments are jumping on the bad wagon with the UK supporting legislation and funding for the technology. It seems we cannot wait to live in the Tron era and Sci-Fi worlds of our childhoods.

Tron bike

Tron bike

Evolution of safety

The discussion makes me wonder about adaption rates of this technology. Who would place their mother in law (OK poor example) or baby in a car that autopilots and navigates through the streets of Baltimore or Mumbai? For product adoption, suppliers need to address FEAR.

Based on what statistical proof will the technology be able to prove itself? This makes me wonder why only 1% of the USA material handling equipment in warehouses are #AVG (Automated Guided Vehicles) during 2015. This is a perfect platform for software developers to create the strongest algorithms and apply within business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions.

Traditional Reach Truck with manual controls

Traditional Reach Truck with manual controls

A strong case to convince consumers that the technology has proven robust and safe will encourage the adoption rates. However we are faced with another basic issue; I get it, fork trucks are not as sexy as cars.

OK let us leave that to the marketing departments and PR companies to spin, in the meantime we will sure see deeper integration of metrics, data and algorithm development in all areas of our world. The challenge remains to the manufacturing industry of this applied technology to prove how robust their solutions are.

What an exciting time to live in! Tell me your thoughts on other industry applications where driverless technology could be applied or if you would be happy to trust your own and family lives to the technology.


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