How variability helps keep focus on your goals

Daily motivational reminders

Get motivated not bored

Get motivated not bored

Do you feel less inspired when doing the same thing every day? You probably crave for some variety of choice, new perspectives whilst in pursuit of the same goal.

For example, simply working in a new office, change of coffee shop, different clothes all adds to the experience of life. We enjoy and feel fresher from these apparently small variables.

Yet when put together they provide the necessary mental stimulus to keep focused on medium and long-term goals.

From choosing a different way to drive to work, a new podcast to listen whilst walking or trying a new recipe is daily choice experiences we take to remain fresh and full of positive discovery in your approach.

Avoiding Boredom with variability

One of the biggest killers of motivation is not the actual struggle and hardship of the tasks but the boredom of repeating process steps. Art Markman Ph.D. wrote within his key factors of boredom article with Psychology Today the natural state of searching for a sense of arousal and then relaxation can set in. He covers additional influences including environment, distractions, self-awareness, and control.

The challenge you therefore face is how to manage these factors at the start and during your daily routine. One of the key solutions we provide for you today is introducing some planned variability into your day.

For example, if you need to do your regular shop, then go to another part of town. If you normally do your cleaning house chores in a certain way, try a different day, time and change the process. For your exercise, instead of running your normal 5km route, take a shorter one and do it twice or in another location. Mix and change your day to bring more stimuli into your physical world.

Daily and Monthly Planned Variety

We created some weekday and monthly acronyms to help put more variability and a new perspective on your daily routine and challenges for the goals you are working on. The intent is to help those that seek inspiration and more motivation on the goals they have set themselves. So, long-term goals such as health, study and career or skills are perfect candidates to apply this method too.

So, we are setting you with a 90-day challenge.

How it works:-

We have broken down each day and month with a descriptive acronym. The words used are there to challenge your perspective and stimulate reminders to the purpose of the goal and an emotional connection to your mindset.

Use the month tools to provide a wider theme for that period of time. Then apply the daily acronyms to support your mental approach to the tasks of the day.

You may not need these reminders every day. Simply keep them bookmarked and come back to use them when needed to boost your levels if natural enthusiasm.

Whilst you read through these motivators as yourself some questions.

-       How can I apply at least 2 of these words to my emotional state today?

-       What areas of life should I apply more variability?

-       When was the last time I reviewed not just the what but the how of my tasks?

-       List the top 3 experiences when you last have done something spontaneous.

-       How can I bring some positive variability to my community?

-       Which words resonate with me the most today and why?

-       How has this impacted my relationship to the goals I pursue?

The Weekday cards

The Monthly cards

*Note - Extra Homework: Within the below gallery you will find July missing. What words would YOU apply to that month? For our full list download the free pdf to discover what we used.

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