Big Data 2015 Spooky Project Numbers

Big Data 2015 Spooky Project Numbers

Even though we still see considerable growth within big data projects, care still needs to be taken in its implementation. I see some investment and project folly at companies and therefore compelled to share with you some cold facts surrounding this disruptive step in the data market.

Percentage of project failures in Big Data - Source Infochimps

Reasons to plan, prepare, populate and procure Big Data projects

Most Significant Challenges in a BigData project - Source Infochimps

A chilling tale but with more care solutions are available

The good news is that with correct understanding of these facts, many issues can be overcome swiftly and rapidly your business can be ahead of this technological curve. There are many elements in play as the below graphic shares.

moving components in bigdata

A growing number of successful applications in smaller business's is encouraging for BigData to reach a critical mass and become part of the true internet infrastructure instead if it's pocket solutions in large corporations.

The cost of data processing and improving encryption technology at low cost offers many small business leaders new possibilities and scaled scope never imagined in the past.

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