Success Series Part 1: Gamification for organizations

A short sharp and effective overview to gamify at work.

Summer in its glory

Summer in its glory

The sun is out and we get it, you don’t want to spend too much time reading about serious subjects when there is more fun to have during this vacation time. I mean who wants to be reading when you can be throwing a Frisbee for the dog, enjoying a family trip to the beach or creating memories with a sunset bike ride.

So, to help you enjoy such moments we are sharing over these hotter summer weeks some shorter summary articles that can be scanned, bookmarked, enjoyed and keep you updated with the latest thoughts, ideas, and tools for success. We shall cover many different subjects from goal setting to metrics but start today with gamification.

Gamification, the sunrise sensations revisited

The most common applications over the years for gamification has been marketing, sales education and then the explosion of its deployment across apps from familiar sites like LinkedIn to fitness apps or audible book apps.

Quote about success and the process of the game

Quote about success and the process of the game

At the core of gamification is how to create a common narrative to influence behaviors and often develop new skills. Let us not forget the joy of leveling up in a game or school exam success and emotions of achievement with high grades.

In daily life, we see from MotoGP, F1 teams compete on leadership boards to the exact same principles deployed for cleanliness inspections at restaurants or trainees progress their skills at the workplace.

The serious nature of gamification holds considerable opportunity and power of influence to business cultures. Failure is part of the process and should be encouraged as a reinforcement learning step even for the highest performers.

Do not just think about badges and leader tables with gamification. I urge you to think more about medium and long term personal value and development linked to the vision, mission and ethical principles of the organization. Gamification is a great tool as a framework design and does not need to be seen as an actual game. More importantly is the strength of narrative, design for success and use of psychological principles for motivation and development success.

A splash of social media chatter 

In-between your summer ice-creams and for those traffic delays or departure lounge waits, take a peek at these 5 social media accounts to keep an eye on the latest chatter for gamification news and ideas.

JAMSO_Resources on Twitter

Similar to our original JAMSO twitter account but with a tighter focus on our own published and shared information.

JAMSO on Pinterest

A board dedicated to gamification with over 137+ links, free resources, and infographics including badge templates and case studies.

Yu-Kai Chou on Slideshare

We see this as the most definitive portfolio of decks dedicated to gamification that exists on Slideshare.

Gabe Zimmermann on Twitter

There is no question that Gabe offers great ideas and groundbreaking insights with a focus on behavioral design.

Andrezej Marczewski on Twitter

An honest, open Twitter account providing personal insights, updates, events and shares – perfect for the summer

The top reading picks for your summer picnic

Reading can also be today in audible form

Reading can also be today in audible form

To generate this list we decided to pop over to Amazon and search for “gamification”, and then we sorted the list based on the top average review rating. So, enjoy the reads, downloads or Kindle versions where available. (Special note: We are not affiliated to any of these sources or Amazon so no direct JAMSO bias provided)

Hooked – How to build habit forming products by Nir Eyal

Gamestorming -  A playbook for innovators, rule breakers, and change makers – By Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo

Reality is broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world – by Jane McGonigal

Extra bonus tip: If you prefer to listen to podcasts then list to the REvolve podcast hosted by Yvan De Munck. Here is a mix between Fintech, Startups, Gamification, and ideas in interview form.

Extra gamified summer sunset reflections

Take some time over the summer break to consider how you will motivate yourself upon your return. As a business leader, you also need to consider how this will be done for your employees. The answer is simple, through good use of gamified principles.

  1. Create daily, weekly, monthly goals between now and end of the year.

  2. Formulate a storyline and narrative that will intersect with your goals.

  3. Highlight the new skills and risk areas that can become obstacles to goal achievement.

  4. Specify a plan and specific action to overcome each obstacle and link the solution to your narrative.

  5. Agree on how reinforced behaviors will be rewarded and tested.

  6. Create a rapid feedback system and measurement system.

  7. Deploy, monitor and improve.

Extra points of consideration: Beware of cultural differences and types of personalities that are engaged in the process. Use a mix of rewards, punishment plus intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Congratulations you are now on the way to being part of this revolution in motivation.

The next few posts we shall share during for the summer period will be in a variety of formats, depth and subject matters. We shall make it clear in each article header the main theme to make it easier for you to select the most appropriate and interesting read for your day.

Drop us a comment and feel free to upload a photo below of where you have read this article. It does not need to be in a summer setting as no doubt some will capture these reads in future during the darker winter months. So, upload Christmas, rain or sunshine images.

Once you return from your vacation feel free to contact us to see how we can help you specifically to lift the performance of your organization.

Bonus Extra Read: Well done for reading all this so far. As an extra reward, find out how we propose to help you remove those post vacation blues.

Gamification is not a magical formula, it has been dressed up and used in many various forms for a few decades. Implementation and its success take the same time, seriousness and dedication as with any other initiative. Some of the front end preparation may frustrate teams and organizations with little experience in this concept. We suggest in those cases to reach out for best practice help so you can reap the rewards this framework has to offer.