Eating Our Own Dog Food at JAMSO

Our own case study in the measure, gamification, and metrics of the business.

Shhhhhhh, This might shock and surprise you but I am actually writing this on 28th November 2017, yes that's a whole 327 days in advance of the publish date! Let's use that as the starting point to how we eat our own medicine/dog food at JAMSO.

You see I am sat here with a simple piece of paper, it has dates I am publishing new articles all the way through 2018. Right now I have already completed the first Sundays per month through the whole year. I am writing the second Sunday per month segment for the whole year.

You would have noticed that these “middle” of the month posts are more varied. – That is part of the random reward I have set myself for creative freedom whilst also providing the loyal reader of our articles, the slight variation and expectation “will it be metrics, gamification or goal setting focused?”

So let me not get too far ahead of myself. I will give you an insight from how the morning started and through to how I expect the day to be completed and how this applies to our own taught material.

My morning regime is simple, after sorting the kitchen and breakfast, I sit down for 10-15minutes to update on the news….but only after I have updated and responded to at least 10 different social media engagements.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in the mornings are the most important and frequent ones to update. Once done, I reward myself with a coffee and some news. This is done 7 days a week. Yes 7 days a week and never after 9 am (far too late for the start of a day). – So measures, goals, and rewards in place.

We log into the computer and before checking email, an update and moderation task is completed on Google Plus for our Fintech, Insurtech and Startups Community. Here we post at least 2 posts, Monday – Friday. We take the weekends off.

Email is scanned and then actioned. Folders created and moved, deleted, responded and actions set in motion. We try to reward ourselves with a short walk if the inbox is left with less than 5 emails after 30 minutes. – So measures, goals, and gamification in place.

Today has been all about content. A clear focus to cross promote our material away from our website and onto the social media platforms is an important strategy for JAMSO. This is where we share, curate and engage with new potential online clients.

So, we focused on Haiku, YouTube, Pinterest and Slide share recently. No doubt you have seen some of those posts by now. We will complete these across every social platform we are engaged with, promote at least 5 key content items and cover metrics, gamification and goal setting with a slightly wider capture approach.

Dusty likes rewarding days at JAMSO

Dusty likes rewarding days at JAMSO

At the close of each article, a short walk is rewarded and I see my “leaderboard” progress extend – you see I am competing with myself to see if I can get a full 13 (yes 13) months of material ready by the end of this month.

If I do, then I am simply taking 2 days off and am going to spoil my family a little bit. – So, measures, goals, and gamification.

I set specific action goals. For instance today, I needed to write a certain amount of words and resize some images by a certain time. If I finished early then I stopped for lunch and listened to a podcast about Artificial Intelligence. – Goals, measures, gamified rewards.

This afternoon I realized I am ahead of my schedule so decided to take an extra-long walk with my dog - Dusty. Whilst out with the dog I planned some new content in my head and explored some ideas for teaching about goal setting theory and game-based learning. I also reviewed some goals in my mind and readjusted some expectations to make them harder and more challenging. – Goals, metrics, and gamification.

Tuesday’s are busy at home, so work will stop by 5 pm. There is a clear expectation I put JAMSO business to the side and concentrate 100% on family matters until the middle of the evening. Again the same process as early morning is enacted for social media interactions.

Once done, I will hope to read a little or watch a program with my daughter.

With little to no exception, I ensure I am in bed by 10 pm. The phone is off by 9pm-9.30pm and then I am on the wind down towards sleep. I will mentally review the day, consider what could have been better and feel some gratitude for the day. I am rewarded most nights with solid sleep and then I start again.

This gives a personal insight without giving too much away to our competitors into how we use our own dog food. I have not ventured into deep business metrics or specific strategic goals or wider gamification tools we apply into our own daily business life – that’s our own secret sauce we wish to protect from the public and only share with paying clients.