Summer Success Series Part 7: Creating the difference

You have to turn on before you start

Time to put away the travel books and make real change in daily life

Time to put away the travel books and make real change in daily life

So the final article in our series of short summer shares has arrived. The core message today is about being a positive part of development and change. The vacation time takes us out of normal routines and provides new times to explore and reflect on what makes us happy. Too quickly however upon the return, it is important not to fall back into the trap of normality.

Take a lesson or a desire you experienced during the summer time and plan and create moments from now on to improve your life, business, relationships, health or skills. This helps make that vacation create new memories and be part of the renewal process of continual self-development.

During the series of articles, we shared a wide range of subjects with the intent to stimulate new interest and further exploration in a range of areas that impact our thoughts, career, and interests.

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Be the change you wish for

Be the change you wish for

So it is the reason that Part 7 today, encourages you to use these insights for new behaviors and change. As a leader, you may consider trialing a new process through gamification or measuring some foundational actions. In your private life, you might challenge the source of your news or discover new interests in subjects previously considered on the fringe of thoughts and technology.

Even if you have read and acted upon only 5% of the information we have provided in the series of posts, then you are a long way to shift the needle and perspective of your development. There is another 95% to go, yet the start is more important than the ending!

Even an ending has a start!

The 6 key ingredients for change

There are many steps to create change and many books are available on the subject. Let us look at some of the most important ones so you can use them almost as part of a check list to monitor and manage the improvements you seek over the coming months.

1)    Decision – Without a conscious decision to make a change it will not happen. Use the end of your vacation like the end of the year to plan and start a fresh.

2)    Starting – Obvious but see the tense of the word. It says starting. That means you are always just starting, each day, each time. There is not stopping. You can start again. So keep trying, keep starting and eventually it will become routine.

3)    Authority – Ensure you control the change you seek. Make it a high priority and think of the goal/vision as an authority to be respected and adhered to. Also, seek to find sources of authority within the area of change you seek.

4)    Identity – Today more than ever computers and people quickly label and pigeon hole their colleagues, friends, and neighbors. Ensure that your personal brand and identity will be shaped to represent the change and improvement you want to make.

5)    Measuring consistently – One of the key elements about change is the scale of our measurement in progress. Seek positive measures, get to the root cause of issues and design away from the failures. For instance, your health is not likely to improve if you still have biscuits in the house – get rid of them and measure the positive healthy choices you make instead.

The silver bullets do not always work!

The silver bullets do not always work!

6)    Silver bullet syndrome – Beware of easy options and choices in change. Ensure you differentiate between genuine help and benefits as opposed to a quick fix remedy that has no sustained performance value. There are often more silver bullet products and services in a market than genuine high-quality help.

These key elements are a framework; it comes down to you to make the change. Improvement is an ongoing process and required hard work. Be part of a better future and make your own difference.

Do not forget to drop a comment about the change you will now be chasing after the vacation period.

Have a great summer and most importantly, have a great life.