We need SARAH

A Crisis Management Solution called SARAH

A lot of great research has gone into the discovery of how individuals move to action for survival and improvement when faced with adversity. One such model to help these steps is integrated within various rapid response units from the emergency services, military, rehabilitation assistance and trauma recovery. SARAH is a great simple model that can be applied in such circumstances and many less traumatic daily dealings.

The knowledge of how to deal with such critical and stressful situations installs a confidence and ability to address your worldly interactions with more clarity and speedy action.

So let us imagine you have been involved in an accident - lets see how this model helps you and maybe you can recognize to each step and apply to more daily actions. We shall also see the effects of energy levels in each stage.

S is for Shock or Surprise : This is the BANG moment of the event and your initial cognitive response. At this point your brain is trying to comprehend what has just happened. Your emotional energy level is rapidly rising at this point.

A is for Anger or angst : At this point depending on the incident, adrenaline is kicking into your system to charge your body into a defense or attack mechanism. You may feel fear or anxiety due to the sudden situation. Your energy level may increase or start to drop depending if you feel anger or angst.

R is for Realization or resistance : Your body and mind are now active understanding the effects of the event you have just experienced. This maybe a feeling of knowing you are upside down and in pain in your left leg or cannot feel any pain. Alternatively this maybe where you will resist the reality of the situation and seek a denial phase. Your energy level will normally drop at this phase, it is important not to allow your energy level drop too much.

A is for Acceptance : The point of acceptance is crucial to create actions. This is the point where you move from a status to questioning a "How to" or "What to" do scenario. The prior steps all make an influence to the degree of your acceptance level. Your energy level will often be increasing at this phase.

H is for Help : Help may be from yourself i.e. get out of the car in an accident or make the phone call to the emergency services or call to a near by stranger for assistance. Your energy level will often by high at this time but may drop depending on the length of time you remain in this area.

The SARAH model is seen from small children reactions through almost all situations in life. A lost mobile phone, being informed of a broken relationship, a fellow worker gains a promotion and new project is placed on your desk with a tight deadline, your health or education development reaches a crucial point of change.

Moving from S to H is super important however it is equally important that the process runs through each step as they influence the energy and steps required to gain help. There is the opportunity to PROCESS some elements of the steps and this is a great area for risk management, change management and personnel management improvements.

Over the next couple of days see if you recognize in others and yourself these steps and phases and learn how to apply the SARAH model for your benefit.