Summer Success Series Part 3: The Motivational Quotes That Are Wrong

With such prevalent use of motivational quotes, we debunk 3 of them found on social media.

Sometimes we need a little motivation to move

Sometimes we need a little motivation to move

This third short publication continues our summer success series. The purpose of this series is to provide some short but impactful insights around the themes of success in life and business. Today we cover a part of success through the use motivational quotes. The use of positive thinking is widely used and applied across organizations and individuals alike. The wisdom, inspiration and motivational thinking stimulated from such words help us clarify a direction or decision and are used as a torch light of mental strength.

The design of this summer series allows you to read a short extract from the whole article and then come back later. We have done this so you can enjoy the special moments with family and friends and the tranquility of a summer break whilst feeding and stimulating your thoughts – to stay in touch with some self-improvement and bring new skills back to life and the world of work upon your return.

Please bookmark this page and return if you are caught between stops on your journey and without an internet connection.

Debunking A Happiness Quote  

I guess we all love to do this from time to time. Being in full control of our day and allowing some random and more “natural” processes indeed does give a sensation of satisfaction. We all enjoy from time to time the ability to just sleep longer with no care in the world. Yet, we believe it should only be satisfaction and gratitude, not something to make you happy.

If you wish your state of happiness to be sustained then look beyond a small step and quick fix. Instead, we prefer to focus on longer term big goals and a stronger sense of purpose. Then you just might find that having a late night and not setting your alarm in the morning is stopping you from success with longer term goals and actions.


Debunking The Great Grant Cardone


Although I have deep respect for Grant Cardone, I often find myself at loggerheads with his style and messages. This is one perfect example. Firstly one should acknowledge Grant’s own business model. He earns money from people investing in their business and self-development. Indeed, he has a whole empire of learning material available for purchase. So, do we think he might have a vested interest in stating this quote? Well, there is nothing wrong with promoting views that support your products and services – that’s the whole industry of marketing and sales anyway. What does concern me with this quote is it is cannot be fully true.

Concept car

Concept car

A business or personal greatness is not just about throwing money and time into something. There are endless examples of research and development and personal performances that do not achieve greatness despite the amount of money thrown at them. Instead, avoid such delusional thoughts and reshape expectations if you are met with the laws of circumstance and physics against you too great to pass.

“Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do”- McKayla Maroney
— Via

Any senior international level artistic gymnast is worthy of respect. McKayla’s achievements are beyond dispute as an Olympian and medal winner both at team an individual level. Yet I am surprised at this quote. Reflection, review, and recording of historical progress are the very backbone to provide insights that otherwise is lost from simply always shooting blind towards a set goal. A more efficient way as applied in sport, personal development and business alike is the need to review the past and use this information to create improved future performances.

Motivational sources via social media

During the vacation break, take a peek at these social media sources to help your motivation. We avoid the messages highlighted in this article and share what we believe are well thought out quotes to help boost your motivation. So, if you are struggling for inspiration whilst out buying sunglasses or waiting in a long queue to buy some sandals or a bucket and spade at the beach, pop over to these accounts for a pick me up.

JAMSO on Pinterest

This motivational and inspirational Pinterest board holds over 589 quotes available to inspire you every day of the year.

Affirmations via Pinterest

The use of positive affirmation is a great tool for many people to help generate positive attitudes and confidence in specific situations. Use this affirmation board to help design and create your own affirmation or be inspired from many of the prior listed examples.

JAMSO on Instagram

Here we post daily motivational quotes that are loved and supported by over 11,000 others across this social media platform. Indulge and enjoy.

Extra bonus tip: If you prefer to be motivated and inspired by a video then use this YouTube playlist we have curated. The range of sources and themes is varied enough to capture something for everyone. 

Make your own quotes

One of the special parts of life includes the short messages and comments that stay with us. It can be special moments in history or a comment from an overheard conversation in a plane.

Wisdom through the ages

Wisdom through the ages

I find that as my own children become older, there are many key phrases and quotes that we have used as parents over the years that have stuck with them and help shape their personalities. From “do not tell me how much I am saving, tell me how much I am spending” to “Seek and thee shall find”. Some of the wise words have been handed down from our own parents and others captured.

So, create and define your own pools of wisdom and motivational words that you can use and deploy when needed.

Take care to select phrases that inspire and are fundamentally correct, from that basis you already have cast a stone of positivity.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation and I would love to hear from you what your favorite quote or affirmation is – drop a comment to share it below.

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