Design a great business and personal life

Design a great business and personal life

No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe
— Harry Gray

Who you are

The people that normally read my articles do not have to worry about having sufficient water, clothing, food or shelter on a day to day basis. This makes you and I the very lucky few. Sure, we see others with better houses, cars, gadgets, clothes, holidays and careers and this helps get us out of bed every morning with a spring in our heels to seize the day and pursue progress, improvement for an even better life. These motivations and a reflection of our true global status should fill us with sincere gratitude and recognition we are having a good life already.

Survival in Africa

Survival in Africa


A good life is not enough. You and I are the people that want a great life. A great life is not just about been a huge success as a parent or within a career. A great life covers many areas of our whole human existence. The challenge I see within many people is that they chase a great life through one area of their lives and then occasionally an event out of their control, or through a mistake they made end up feeling as though they missed out.

Many tools from a single item

Many tools from a single item


We are told by the wise that you can either be a “jack of all trades and a master or none”. But this phrase is becoming more outdated and also does not respect that a broad range of skills and areas of interest will provide more opportunity in today’s rapidly changing world. It was Darwin that discovered it is not the smartest or strongest who survive, however it is the adaptable that thrive and survive the most.

Evolution and change

Evolution and change


  • I am going to take you on a journey to explore these good life and great life areas and identify how you can create your own great life in business and personal life through your own design choice.

Creating a design template

Creating a design template


Question: “What, for me, would be a great life?” The key points within this simple and yet powerful question is the personalized part. What for YOU, yes YOU, not your family, your spouse, your friends, your community but you personally. Do not fear about sounding or feeling guilty or selfish at this point, we will address those areas later, concentrate on the answers of what will make you have a great life.

  • Your first answer should be written down and then left for at least a day.

  • Go back to your answer and now consider if you included the following areas:

Area                        Personal Considerations      Business Considerations

Health :                  Mental and physical              Staff+customer mental and physical

Relationships:        Family,Friends,Community  Suppliers, staff, customers

Wealth                    Personal and society             Value, profit, costs, sustainability

Down time             Hobbies,interests                  Community projects, training

The Why                Vision and purpose               Vision, mission, values and ethics

So, what would constitute a great life? JAMSO has this tip list:

1. Efficiency and Productivity:

Do you think Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci or Apple go back to their finished works and say “ah that’s perfect”? No, these greats understood the critical moments when their own standards were raised higher than those around them and yet knew when to stop and move onto the next great work.

Leonardo Da Vinci sketch

Leonardo Da Vinci sketch

There is only constant change across the world. The pace of change differs upon age, size, timing, location and many other variables. The key for any business or person is to understand the need for continual growth through these changes.

The best way to grow and adapt your personal life and or business is seeking efficiency through productive work and action. The efficiency permits you to attain greatness quicker and your level of productivity will retain a forward momentum.

  • A person or business that does not produce some form of value is unlikely to be considered great or be measured by others as great.

So, produce rest and action with efficient and productive aims. Too much of one, will offset the other!

This game of personal and business life gives you an opportunity to gather strength and use it for good work.
— James Doyle Founder of JAMSO

2. Engaged connections. 

How we engage with our connections to develop and nurture relationships remains the biggest enjoyment and risk through human history. Creating experiences that delights customers, sharing mutual vision and goals through supplier collaboration and creating a strong organizational bond in a business is vital for great success. The same is seen with our family and friends.

Established network connections allow you to contribute and strengthen the web of support plus receive the help when needed also. I cannot think of anything more important than creating this tight supportive genuine friendship and network system for a great life and business.

human network connections

human network connections


The intent with these engaged connections is not to receive but to give. A business exists to serve its customers, a parent nurtures and serves their children to provide a positive future. There are times for tough love, relationships come and go but the true friends and connections are the ones that help you when you need it most.

  • Be the person and business you most want to meet.

It is not possible to go so deep with every connection, however a selected group of key connections make the difference between a good and a great life or business.

3. Your values and culture. 

Anyone can take some generic business and corporate values for their business or select broad generic personal values. These become bland, have no character and become a token without true meaning or action.

We see examples frequently, where a significant corporate scandal hits the market for a company that portrays one image and yet ends up doing something alarmingly contrary to such implied values. We can look back through the 2015 emissions fiasco that VW was engaged with or the Lance Armstrong doping scandal within the Tour De France.

Personal values and ethical behavior

Personal values and ethical behavior

To become great and distinctive your personal and business values and culture should respect the global diversity but recognize your own distinct part within this wide scope to add to such diversity. So, a specific held position on subjects as diverse as technology, dress, equality, environmental impact can offer unique insights, solutions to keep your personal offering and contribution to the world alive. The combined uniqueness when blended together brings the vitality, power, influence and energy to our community.

4. The Why.

There is a saying “if you don’t know where you are going then you will get to nowhere fast” A critical element to greatness is to understand the reasons why you do what you do. These directions may change as life’s journey continues however the need for clarity as to why you do something provide considerable power. One example of vision change is Richard Branson, who has entered many different business models, from record companies to banks to trains. Although his business’s have changed he constantly has a clear “why” purpose to each business.

 When times become challenging in life for people or a business, this is the time that most companies fail or people stop their well intended actions. If you can connect with the broader vision and define the true reasons for your engaged business activity of life ambition then these reminders provide the motivation to pull you through to greatness.

The why

The why


5. Serious vitality. 

If you live a life and run a business with serious vitality then it will be shown in your services, products, face, warm of hand shake and through your voice.

 What do you do everyday to embrace and encourage serious vitality? I am referring to the meeting you do not wish to attend or the gathering of some of your spouses friends that you feel nothing in common with. How you approach life will reward what you get out of life.

  • You may be aware of the phrase “The more I try, the luckier I get”. These small words of wisdom are true for business and your personal life. By becoming actively engaged with your immediate surroundings and community will provide mutual value.

The more experiences you gather socially, commercially then the more you will learn and become connected to the wider world. The amount of vitality you bring to these interactions is of equal importance. If you think by attending a small social event and staring at your phone or sticking to one person for the whole evening is the best way to bring vitality then think again.

Enjoying a stimulating gathering

Enjoying a stimulating gathering

Nigel Risner has a phrase about “be in the room”. This simple message means bringing all your positive serious vitality to the task or person that you are engaged with currently. His emphasis on the positive outcomes have been benefited by me for years.

Many people and companies are known doe been reliable and providing good service. This is a standard and acceptable expectation for their interaction points. However a true great person brings a uniqueness of presence and contribution that others will seek. This serious vitality is infectious and soon spreads with those around you.

6. Goal setting and solid metrics.

Goal setting

Goal setting

Time is today’s life and business largest enemy and friend. If you squander it, there is lost and payback later. If you invest in them, then expect hard challenges to inspire you and new lessons than you can help others.

The principles of goal setting are important. I suggest to retain a clear split between your long term goals, medium term and short term. I also suggest try not to have all completion dates at the same time. The best way to create the habits of high performance is an ongoing update of competed and new goals.


If you or your staff within a business can leave their home in the morning and still feel the glow of satisfaction from a recent completed goal then they will feel empowered.

If a customer goes about their day and they can still feel that you cared about their custom and ease of use with your product or service then they will fell delighted and loyal.

It is through the use of goal setting and solid metrics we can ensure the correct priorities and deliverables are met. We can make the best decisions, faster in life and business. Goal setting with solid metrics is the glue that makes your good life great, strong, powerful and influential. So I suggest do not miss that opportunity.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, make sure your days are filled with purpose and you understand the reasons you do what you do. I want nothing more for you in your personal life and business to become the best at caring not just about one result but the range of results, impacts and value you provide to the wider world.

  • I have drawn from standard business model and self-development practices to draw the similarities and identify how the principles cross over and are intertwined. Many people switch from their work personality to their home personality and then crave a work-life balance. By seeking alignment across these two significant areas of life you can gather the momentum to achieve the greatness you wish and deserve.


Love letter

Love letter

This article has become almost a love letter to YOU! Well, that is how I feel, I care about you and how you can become great in life and business. There are many great people that provide real value to the world as they enter different phases in their lives.

Bill Gates built a huge empire with Microsoft and now has turned his time and efforts to large scale global challenges. Others balance their job in a construction company during the day and provide greatness through their charitable work at the weekends.

There are many opportunities to expand these themes and allow you to create and carve the best great life story.

At JAMSO, we help people and business build transformational levels of performance for the long term. Our methods and techniques are designed on a case to case basis to ensure the best results are attained based on many of the themes stated above.

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