Developing leadership from within

Leadership from within

Explore intrinsic development

Explore intrinsic development

Ways to find your personal leadership

With such a diverse range of generations, cultures, education levels and personal backgrounds, it is quite accurate to say that one system for performance will not gain the same level of performance as different systems for different people and companies.

This article is written to those that understand the merits and otherwise, of using the “carrot and stick” mentality. This is either a carrot as a positive incentive or a stick to hit the donkey to move forward.

Carrot and stick

Carrot and stick

90 Day Self Accountability Cycles

Have you ever considered the patterns of business cycles and how these can be applied to personal life?

If you are a hedge fund or large bank investor with a business on an international stock exchange, you will have the opportunity to review, probe, seek clarity and challenge the leaders of companies who lead tens of thousands of staff. Some of these investor calls for quarterly performance would make many people cringe. The answers and ability to respond swiftly can make or break a CEO’s future.

Think of the above scenario as a positive experience in 90 day self-accountability cycles.

TIP: Set aside time every 90 days to review your performance, create new 90 day goals that are aligned to longer term vision and mission strategies to keep yourself accountable for progress. Be TOUGH with your questions, analysis and tougher with your actions.

The clear purpose of such an exercise is to keep focus and action within time lines that are visible and related to the normal human mind.

For example: It is easier for someone to relate that they will start a health regime in January and run 5 km by end of March than to start in January with a broad aim to run a marathon by the end of the year.

Create and stimulate action

Create and stimulate action


The clear message is a focus on ACTION.

 Why we need a “shakeup”

The clear majority of my clients and readers of my articles are based in a position of relative comfort. They live in a society where a valid complaint might be about the opening times of Starbucks or the day to day hassle of finding a parking space in a mall or dealing with a tough data problem to develop and improve a business.

Most of these scenarios are not life and death critical. Therefore a dormant mentality in approach to problem solving and progress becomes normal. To make a clear step change, then a shake up and reminder is required.


When do you feel most alive?

Have you ever stepped back to the pavement after spotting a car that you almost walked into, or got of an amusement park ride with emotions mixed between fear and sheer delight with survival?

I believe these types of experiences are critical to the human spirit and well being. These experiences of apparent risk are natural for many people living today in tough parts of the world.



We associate skiers and like myself skydivers as high risk takers, and yet I find within these communities to be filled of the very people that cherish life the most and wish to experience it fully.

Emotional states

Emotional states

The same can be said for the lawyer who faces a strong defense or prosecution to protect the law and see justice. An error in preparation can make drastic mistakes, or the ambulance crew arriving at an accident knowing that their rapid actions could save a limb or life.

These experiences provide an emotional state and connection to “making a difference and feeling alive”.


How to generate the leadership spirit from within.

Since birth every baby has been dependent upon others for help, guidance and safety, developing confidence and gaining knowledge. For these reasons, as we enter society and grow in maturity we still seek similar sources to provide the same services.

I believe these are the reasons why we seek leadership from and through others. At the very core of this action is a personal development opportunity. We can develop a safer environment or use guidance to raise our performance.

  • Question: How do you seek leadership from and through others?

 Raising your bar for success

I believe everyone has a moral duty to live as full a life as possible. This does not have to be a Live Fast, Die Young attitude, but be respectful of the seasons in life, considerate to the social and environmental impacts and yet create firms clear next steps to move forward.

To feel alive and purposeful brings rewards for everyone you interact with. Your enthusiasm and energy levels become infectious with others. These positive messages are shared in the warmth of your handshake, the depth of your smile and straightness of your posture when you enter a room.

Why balance should be in a tension state

 There remains the popular myth of a perfect work life balance. When you deep dive into people or systems that claim such a state it becomes rapidly clear this is attained through a state of mind. We are told to that rest is good and necessary, but so it high physical action to maintain good health.

balanced tension

I have created below a balanced tension schematic to demonstrate that at the center of all your actions needs to be an aligned purpose. If the purpose is clear and it is connected to the area of your life with a partially shared purpose then it is OK to generate a life, where some areas take more time than others, and yet they produce an interlinked state of positive tension.

 As soon as the alignments become disconnected away from the central purpose, you will experience elements of frustration in your life or business that may hold on a short term basis, however in time it will need to be addressed.  

Getting back the Purpose and Why to create impact

At the core of personal identity and business you will find a purpose and reason for their creation and actions. A purpose can be created first of discovered later through purpose. You may not be surprised to find out that the owner of a stationary company did not have this as a central purpose to their life’s ambitions. However it become their purpose after they pursued an entrepreneurial lifestyle and found a gap in the market to sell their products at a profit.

Get out of your funk and create action

Get out of your funk and create action

 Action creates words of action

If you are in a state of stagnation, then there becomes a loss of purpose, will, desire and your emotional state will then start to pollute other areas of your life, for instance, relationships and health.

 So, starting with any form of action is a clear part of progress. From the actions taken you can address the fear of larger actions by reflecting through the experiences you have gained. The longer and broader your track record of action, the more likely your success will be established.

 Creating the reality of your defined purpose.

It is extraordinary that you can meet ambitious and focused entrepreneurs who run several businesses and then ask them about their long term goals. Their experience with financial wealth often is over shadowed by their higher priority for emotional well-being and wealth. They understand these two areas need to be supported and linked to each other.

Your confidence and self-esteem are necessary spices in the ingredients to success so you attain the reality of your defined and goal purpose. It is important that you either generate the future vision of what this can be or seek help through leadership inspiration to help define new limits of your true potential.

Choice has many paths

Choice has many paths

Accountability functions

The levels, measures, frequency of accountability you place on your self will become proportional to your success. To miss a goal due to one reason or another can often be discovered to be an excuse or a symptom from a lack of accountability.

If you can connect at a deep emotional level your goals to a wider purpose then be hard, yes very tough and hard on keeping yourself accountable to the achievements. This may appear to be slightly self-indulgent but it is critical as an element to your success. 

  • Question: Have you limited your ambitions in life and business because you do not want to see yourself as a failure? Have you limited your goals because you do not wish to be held accountable in every area of life?

So, if you cannot hold yourself accountable then create an option and network that will. These can be apps, friends, personal trainer in health, and other departments at work. There are many solutions.

The financial realities

The more money you have in life, the more choices you create. This is to say that a need for financial influence is critical to the level of your success.

Apple today is exploring new technology areas and a range of products that could never have been a viable proposition when the business started as a simple home computer device. As its financial resources grew, so did the choices it was able to make.

This provided the company the options of where to locate, recruit, what to invest in and eventually create a suite of services and products that makes it such a strong household brand.

Making money

Making money

Kodak on the other hand also had money, knowledge and a strong pace in the market to enter the digital imaging area. It proved too little too late – a lesson that you need a strong emotional strategic approach to maximize and make best use of your financial resources available.

Your financial starting point should not stop you from the pursuit of your goals; it simply should start you at the correct place. If you have $400 or $400,000 to start a business, then the strategy and approach will be different. YET, one thing should be the same for both.

The speed of your actions to make your business idea success should be prioritized and clear next step actions taken every day towards your goal. The emotional state should be clear and focused on your success. Your mindset should take you forward to your goal.

Seek success partners. This can be on an emotional level by connecting to the lifestyle choices, ambience of the highest class restraints or gaining friends and connections to the world you seek to embrace. But take ACTION.

Consumerism also consumes time!

Consumerism also consumes time!

What are you prepared to give up?

One clear message I share so often with others, when asked about goal setting is the question of “What are you prepared to give up?” I am then often met with an element of surprise. Goals are mostly set on top of current actions and activities. However for goals to be achieved where they have not been achieved so far, you will need to stop doing some things in order to concentrate and spend more time on doing something else.

A person, who wishes to train their dog to a high standard of order, will often need to forgo time spent with none dog owning friends and relatives. A person currently working as a part time waiter may need to forgo even more work as a waitress to attend auditions for their dream Hollywood role. This in term may therefore damage their income and so their choice of clothes, social activities and quality of household possessions may need to suffer whilst they pursue their dream.

  • So it is one thing to desire a goal, yet another to understand the price of your reward.

  • It is this level of desire, drive, vision, clarity and obsession with the humility of accountability that generates great results through action.

There is a very popular movement in the world of life goals called the law of attraction. One of the most common misunderstandings but under takings of this movement is to simply dream big and wait for great things to happen.

Indeed it is

Indeed it is

The changes of such a theory working will be proven in math and statistics as pure given chance. You see, if you want to reach a goal or several goals, you will need to dig deep and step on some action. The infamous Law of Attraction will only get you to your goal through chance. If however you follow the concept and adopt action and seriousness then you may reach your goals through chance+change+choice+persistence. Now that ought to produce a much higher statistical rate of success than sitting back and waiting for the good things to happen.

Stimulate action from resources you have

Stimulate action from resources you have

The leader from within understands the concepts I have written about. The leader creates energy, adopts accountability, acquires the knowledge and skills for mastery and keeps moving forward. The experiences learnt from failure or past mistakes are swallowed up and used as a medicine called wisdom and experience.

Rest is part of the rest

Most athletes train to peak their performance before an important sporting event. One of the critical parts of this journey is the resting period. Indeed the rest is part of the growth period. It is for the same reason that we sleep for 6-8 hours per night, so we have sufficient energy to continue for the other hours in the day. The same goes for our equipment.

In the army during a battle, there will still come a time to dismantle your weapon, clean it and reassemble so all the parts are inspected and ready to perform at peak again as soon as the device is reloaded and trigger pressed.

R and R time

R and R time

So, if you are a leader of a team ensure adequate social time and respecting rest time for your members will produce better medium/long term results.

When the journey is the destination

Within the world of quality, there is a continual improvement philosophy called Kaizen. The simple principle is to make continual small improvements. The quest for perfect is embraced with a fitness for purpose concept. The same applies in life.

Just because a famous motorbike rider like Valentino Rossi wins 1 world championship does not make the champion simply give up and stop. It acts as a new level of excellence to see if they can improve their results, go faster, make less mistakes, improve their record lap times, pole positions, number of podiums, number of races won and total number of laps lead in a world championship. The power of these metrics provides the fire to chase and pursue their second and third through to ninth world titles.

Valentino Rossi from MotoGP

Valentino Rossi from MotoGP

 Why comfort does not sit comfortable.

If you take time to talk to the oldest generations and members of our communities you can pick up on a common wisdom. Love your family and friends, appreciate the time you have and live your life to the full.

Avoid being too comfortable

Avoid being too comfortable

These messages remind one to concentrate on your own life’s purpose, to define bold ambitious goals and to enjoy the thrill of life.


  1. Do you have the leadership from within?

  2. What area of goal setting do you struggle with the most?

  3. How have you defined your purpose and made yourself accountable?

History helps to show us that change always occurs, it also highlights that some periods of change in history are faster than others. Right now we are undergoing several significant changes across the world and therefore it offers new opportunities for you. How you choose to create your own purpose within such an environment is down to you, the leader from within.

At JAMSO, we help people and business build transformational levels of performance for the long term. Our methods and techniques are designed on a case to case basis to ensure the best results are attained based on many of the themes stated above. Why not contact us for a short chat to explore how you can move from good to greatness in both your life and business aspirations.


 Written by James Doyle – Founder of JAMSO