Do not forget your sick days

Boost Productivity By Thinking of Sick Days

Let's look back over the past 2 years. Did you ever fall ill or know someone who fell ill just at an important time when the workload and daily tasks were real high? At the time no doubt it seemed like a mini disaster (like when the local server crashes and you face a critical deadline). But a week or so after and we reflect back and realize that life continues, mistakes get made, a team helped pull off the work for you. Basically, less matters than what we first think. Many items that are important to you and less so and perfectly acceptable to the receiver of the task.

An often cited example is a training day. It is often planted during a time that is not convenient for people and covers a subject that often not all participants want to engage in. So, turn the experience into a positive message and tool.

sick person and cat

Why not plan in these "sick days" and use them to make a strategic change for your goal or ambition. I'm not suggesting that you phone in sick at work, but I am suggesting block your diary, make some personal time to invest the allocated time and help make a step improvement. For time hungry individuals this may be to review new working methods, automation of repetitive tasks, deciding not to do some tasks, learning a new skill or developing talents for better performance.

Over a 12 month period of systematically using this sick day concept you will have made a significant improvement to your goals and objectives for sure.