The x factor of 10 to transform your goals

10x by Grant Cardone

10x by Grant Cardone

The 10x system that transforms goals

From the many different goal setting systems that have gained broad appeal, the 10x system from Grant Cardone holds strong and hundreds of thousands have been helped from his methods, since his published book in 2011. The principles are simple and highly effective, create your goal and then make it 10 times bigger.

Grant makes the great observation that even if you failure your 10x goal, you are likely to be much further ahead of your original goal. It also generates a much larger scale of thought process.

Whèn you should apply 10x thinking to goals

Think big, creative and then multiply it

Think big, creative and then multiply it

The familiar “blue sky” and “out of the box” thinking at brain storming sessions has a lot in common with the 10x mindset.

There is an unlimited opportunity to seek maximum scale with your ideas, plans and ambitions. From these concepts the goals are created with new ideas and a different scenario planning for your goal.

Traditional goal examples compared to 10x thinking.

Your health is your wealth..

Your health is your wealth..

  • Health Loose 10kilos of weight. vs be the fastest at losing 10 kilos and keeping it off.

  • Wealth Become financially free vs make 10 people financially free

The above examples highlight a mindset shift from traditional goal setting. They remain specific and measurable which are important elements of solid goal setting, yet the attainable/achievable element raises the risk stakes.

Become uncomfortable with your goals

Ice climbing pushes the mind and body

Ice climbing pushes the mind and body

Many goals do not become accomplished due to their lack of inspiration and compelling nature.

Why would a sales person get excited about an increase in their sales goals of 3% if they could create and action plan that could increase to 30%?

Mediocracy surrounds us every day. The danger with been exposed to “average” and “normal” is the risk this can erode into your own actions, ambitions and expectations. The 10x process forces you to seek highly stretched goals that are very uncomfortable and require extreme action

Generating Efficiency

If you create goals that are 10 times larger than normal a higher sense of urgency is generated. This principle is seen also in the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) methodology. Therefore you or your business are challenged within the 10x mindset to seek solutions to overcome the high barriers of achievement. New process workflows, methodologies, pivot actions and productivity levels are monitored, improved and actioned. Put simply, you will need to find ways to make 10 times the amount of effort and action for impact!

We fear discovering that we are more than we think we are
— Brian Rose

The start point of the above steps is to identify the waste areas of your current actions. What is inefficient, what is having low impact, what is stopping you from moving to your goal? From these areas you can seek to eliminate, automate or delegate tasks to improve your end goal efficiency.



I wrote before an article called How to use 4% and stand out where I provided some examples of how a 4% improvement can make significant performance differences especially at the high performing end of an action or activity.

The concept with 10x is similar but across a much bigger scale that can apply to every type of goal or ambition

Why cadence is relevant to goal performance

Produce momentum and pace

Produce momentum and pace

The speed of your actions is important to improve the chances of your success. The 10x mindset recognizes the importance of constant action with high quantity and high impact.

A person or business with high pace and action is more likely to identify and adjust to market conditions. The high paced business can cover more ground for increased market exposure, improved customer service responses and become the default choice through availability.

How to improve the chances of success.

Success is found where most people stopped exploring

Success is found where most people stopped exploring

To grow, learn, move forward and attain your goals, you need to maximize every opportunity and resource available.

Part of the 10x thinking brings you to significantly higher levels of expected achievement than “normal” goal setting where the pre-conditions of “achievable” is within the goal design. Therefore your expected outcome will more often be much higher than if more modest goals are set and agreed.

Grant Cardone express’s the need to not dwell on the past or mistakes but to make high impactful decisions and actions every day. No one can disagree with that!

Cultural Reactions

Consider regional global values in culture

Consider regional global values in culture

The 10x model has been born from the North American region where failure is more and more acceptable. In more conservative cultures such as Asia and parts of Europe, the stigma attached to perceived failure is much higher and therefore less attractive. This challenge can be a significant hurdle that you will need to work on as a separate issue and be aware if dealing in these areas.

If you are already a high performer then consider the 10x system to help lift your performance to new heights whilst exposing yourself to an increased chance of failure.

JAMSO use of 10x

At JAMSO, we use a range and mix of several different goal setting systems and techniques plus a few of our own developed ones. When the 10x rule was first published I could see in some areas of my own goal setting that were already similar.

The way that I have used this concept is to identify the areas where I may risk “sand bagging” my expectations or understand that I am less informed about a specific subject area and wish to learn about it. Quite often I have found that using the 10x principle has indeed helped set the expectations, effort and results to outstanding levels my peers felt was not achievable. I suggest any CEO to encourage the use of 10x principles especially when addressing change management.

Think about it: What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you just totally go for it?
— Grant Cardone

 The use of 10x planner systems

It is possible for you to create your own variation design taking some of the core ideas shared by the formal 10x planner. Grant Cardone in my opinion has maximized his profit potential from his system (remember the 10x principles he lives by) to sell his diary planner.

The key purpose of the planner is to have a space where your day is planned and ensure you have a re-purpose commitment to your goals first thing in the morning and also at night. In between, you need to record your targets for the day, successes gained, and use space for any motivational quote or I suggest, any affirmation you feel you need to use based on the days key challenge.

Reflections on 10x and Grant Cardone

The adoption and success of the 10x system is too significant to disregard or ignore. There are many significant applications and benefits to its use. The system has received many high accolades and used by the AT&T, BMW and Google to name a few.

For hire or purchase a private jet

For hire or purchase a private jet

Beyond the respected system and message that Grant Cardone shares, it is worth digging into his personality and actions.

I cannot say I would like to have a holiday with Grant Cardone although I think it would be great to sit around a dinner table with him. Anyone that where’s T-Shirt with “Where’s my money”, runs an academy and promotes “hustle” with a strong American accent whilst boarding a private jet will raise the eyebrows of many. I find Grant interesting but an acquired cup of tea. I hope you can also be inspired and implement any of the facets that suits your personality type.

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