Goals made easier for you by using these flashcards

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Success with goals feels great - join in

Success with goals feels great - join in

No matter what type of goal you set or which goal setting theory you apply, there will be occasions when some extra help is needed.

The fact that a goal has been set often stems from a challenging ambition. On the journey to its attainment come hurdles, obstacles, and setbacks.

We created a set of flashcards to help you gain improved perspective for those challenging days, maintain motivation and keep your goal process on track.

Applied use of this technique since 1834

The earliest introduction to the formal use of flashcards is often attributed back to 1834 when Favell Lee Mortimer introduced their function. Since then various formats have been developed. From online tools to 3 sided versions. For the free download sheets, we supply the use of a two-sided is applied.

The application of flashcards uses the principle of learning through what is called the “spacing effect”. This is a system that extends learning over an extended amount of time.

Some examples we already in daily life are brand advertising. These “flash” reminders make a brand come front of mind for specific services or products as our desires and needs grow.

Within the education field, flashcards are applied for reinforcement and learning in a range of subjects. Indeed you may have already used them in one function or another.

Our system for goals is to apply the use of this learning technique as a teaching aid, framework tool, and checklist reminder.  

You can apply this goal to personal life, parenting, mentoring, team development and work applications. This written and visual reminder tool is an invaluable reference tool to ensure the full portfolio of approaches is given to a wider strategy is deployed.

The use of flashcards when working with goals offers 3 significant advantages.

1)                Goal setting theory is a complex subject. Through an extended learning time, your awareness and experience of its practice will strengthen your skills and abilities.

2)                Cognitive bias is managed through the critical thinking approach by using these Flashcards. It keeps your bias in check and retains a focus on applied theories.

3)                They work! This is one great system and tools mentioned within by Time magazine that shows beneficial evidence in the use and application of flashcards.

We decided to share a sample of the full range of flashcards we already use within JAMSO workshops. The free pdf (subject to you joining our monthly newsletter) is ideal for anyone implementing with goals.


How it works: -

  1. Simply enter your email address and download the free pdf document.
  2. Then print out the sheets and trim to size.
  3. Carry the cards with you and review a set short session daily.
  4. Write in pencil the date and the actions, comments taken on the reverse of each card.
  5. Mix the cards daily
  6. Use the cards to stimulate ideas, enhance quality and ask the correct questions with your project.
  7. Set aside the cards you no longer have need for
  8. Create your own cards using the blank template with your own ideas or the additional free list provided within the pdf.
  9. Reflect on your answers and actions to check for natural bias and critical thinking actions.

FAQ about the JAMSO Goal Setting flashcards

How should I use them in everyday life?

Follow the guidelines above in the “How it works” section.

How can I use them just as a training tool?

1)                Their use is optimally in pairs but can be used solo or in wider team groups.

2)                Raise the card with the text shown to the participant.

Excerpt of goal setting flashcards within the download

Excerpt of goal setting flashcards within the download

3)                The user of the card then seeks to correlate the word used to tactical and strategic activity within the goal being worked on or being created using this framework.

4)                Record and use the outcomes to ensure overtime that the full range of goal management tools are deployed, utilized and considered.

5)                Review the learning on a periodic basis.

Are flash cards not just for learning?

The original intent for flashcards has indeed been used for learning. However, in our experience, we have found and discovered people using them as inspiration, reminder tools, and self-development tools.

So, we have extended our encouragement of flash card use away from a workshop and training environment and into the workplace. See the above note on their applied history and use in marketing.

Are flashcards not just for school kids?

No. Although teaching methods have adopted the use of flashcards in recent years, their embrace of the system does not mean they apply only to children.

Try them; you will be surprised and pleased with the results and start to recognize the principles they use being applied in everyday life.

What other free resources can JAMSO provide?

We are proud of our reputation to provide people and companies with probably the widest free portfolio in the areas of metrics, goal setting, and gamification.

We have hundreds of free resources both created and curated for each of these key areas. Find many more tips, ideas, hacks and video tutorials on our social media platform of Pinterest and also through this website.

Most JAMSO articles are supported with free downloads and useful tips. Do not forget that this is just a sample of what we offer to our paid clients. So, get in contact with us with your project needs.

An example case of goal setting flashcard use in a sports club:

Virginia is a coach for a swimming club on the West coast of Ireland. She has coached a range of swimmers and talents from 9 years to 16 years. The club has had inconsistent success with regional and occasional national competitions.

Virginia has to manage a range of skills, talent potential and motivational change in the club members as they transition from children through to their prime teenage years.

An inspiring Irish lady with the first person to swim the river Severn in the UK.

An inspiring Irish lady with the first person to swim the river Severn in the UK.

The swimming club has been offered some sponsorship which is performance related for a 3 year period.

The more members she retains and competition podiums they produce, the more sponsorship finance the club will benefit from.

The sponsor is an international brand that has a large office in the locality of the Virginias sports club. Their deal is part of a wider social responsibility goal for their business strategy.

Virginia seeks has been encouraged by the club leaders to create a plan to boost the personal and team performance of each club member.

Virginia invited the club members to a family special event day with some dedicated time to run through goal setting with the participants. She presented some inspirational stories of performance transformations both from a health and mindset perspective.

During the goal-setting session, people were put into their specific team disciplines and age groups to create goals per group.

The session was repeated until all swimming groups had been covered with all their members (some club members participate in multiple disciplines for example team relay, breaststroke, and butterfly).

The session was then used to each personal member goals.

Virginia used her experience and current performance charts to use the flashcards to identify better motivators, the best-suited goal setting theory system (SMARTER or BHAG)  and provided a clear checklist of expectations and accountability practices per team and person.

From the very first training session after, Virginia noticed a significant improvement in most of the club member’s attitudes to training and started to see some personal records being broken.

Within the first month, the club already exceeded their prior performance levels.

Over the course of the next 3 years, the team became the fastest growing swimming club, attracting recruits from other clubs and was a consistent podium winner.

The club produced national level athletes and Virginia was encouraged to share her techniques with the national swimming association and other sports.


Personal and business goals change over time. Using a system and flashcard tool helps provide insights and challenge current practices. This continual stimulus for improvement and best practice methodology optimizes performance levels.

Quote for goals success

Quote for goals success

Over time the skill set is strengthened so ever higher levels of performances can be attained and shared. This tool will improve your quality and consistency during the good and challenging times.

Flashcards do not replace the actual work needed but act as a guide to motivate, inform and hold your process accountable.

There is no need to pay for expensive dedicated software, indeed the JAMSO cards are simply created within Microsoft Word as an example to keep costs low as possible but provide maximum impact.

We love hearing success stories, challenges and questions raised by our articles and free material. Please send us a message or drop a comment below.

Now please share this to show how you support goal setting skills development within your day.