9 jokes about gamification

9 jokes about gamification

Here are some ideal jokes, and a quote to show the light-hearted side of gamification in life and business. I suspect you might recognize some of these within your own experience! Enjoy.

1 Wide smiles by reaching high.

What did the gamification app tell the mountaineer after she climbed mount Everest? You just leveled up.

2 The scores on the board make fun.

What did the boss tell the poor performing sales person? You just left the sales scoreboard and fell onto the floor board.


In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun – Mary Poppins

 4 Conviction in our beliefs

The police are looking for a gamification project manager. There is a 2000 Euro reward for their capture.

 5 The core elements of player fun

The killers, the achievers, the socializers and the explorers joined a game. The whole world played.

 6 Cheap change for a smile

A shop keeper holding a 20 euro note asked a gamification project manager if they could change it. The manager started to write down the narrative and story line needed.

 7 Crying with laughter no more

2 lovers had their own shared business. When one asked should they become engaged, the other responded “using which gamification method?”

 8 The winner takes all but a smile

Did you hear about the truck driver who lost their drivers licence? They just wanted maximum points.

 9 Recruiting just for fun

A robot applied for an online gaming job, it just wanted another simulating experience.