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These are the days in the year where many people like you and me take time to review our status. I'm not talking about our Facebook status but other areas of our lives.

This is the time when we see another year to be chimed in and we reflect and consider what we wish to do, become and change in the over the next 12 months. People naturally understand that to create your future you need to review and close your past.

Look through these questions and use them as a guide to help define your current status so you have a defined foundation point on which to build upon for a whole new year.

  1. What are my core values?

  2. What seemed to work very well for me over the past 12 months?

  3. What are the things that have inspired me this past year?

  4. What important lessons have I learnt from this year?

  5. What areas of my life do I find encroaching upon my ethics and values?

  6. What did not work or has been less effective than I had expected?

  7. What are the things I will not do and leave as I enter the next 12 months?

  8. How can I learn from people that are close to me at work and in personal life?

  9. What fast entering trends seem to be shaping the world around me that I should learn more about?

Insights for development

Insights for development

You understand that beyond the attractive and addictive headlines of instant fixes and silver bullet solutions, these are often as over packaged and over sold as chewing gum to help relieve stress.

You understand that for change to be permanent it requires time, patience, practice and a lot of determination and self-accountability.


Right now is the time to double down and understand your strengths, be honest with the identification of your weaknesses and creating new ideas to be tried and explored over the next 12 months.

The best solutions for you may be a hybrid of solutions from standard models, it might be a system you have not heard of before or even a unique system and process to match the full nuances from your life’s journey so far and into the future you wish to embrace.

Quote on choices

Quote on choices

Now is the time to discover and make firm plans and expectations for yourself.

The areas to cover need to have a positive tension balance

1.     Emotional and physical health

2.     Spiritual and financial wealth

3.     Loving relationships with your community, friends and family

4.     Define and understand the ingredients that create continued purpose and happiness

Expand your ideas and creativity

Expand your ideas and creativity

You can find many sources to choose from in your life. The big decisions sometimes cause stagnation, inaction and eventually apathy. The best decisions are steps for real progress and not ones that lead you from one post to another without feeling fulfilled and evolving.

Collaborate, discuss and explore with others through networks

Collaborate, discuss and explore with others through networks

There is no question that if you talk to every person of the highest achievers from sport, to business to politics and community, they have one thing in common. They seek help and continually developed their performances with support in many areas of their lives. 

Your development and learning offers the time to help reflect on your current knowledge, expertise, discover the best systems and practices that apply and will work for you within your own phase through life and culture that is aligned to your ethics, morals and values. This is the time to take a view of the landscape from the top of the mountain.

A view from the top of business success

A view from the top of business success



You may already have experience with working with a personal coach or advisor to help specific areas of your personal or business performance. The help and added value perspective an outside person can provide can be the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

As the world becomes faster and smaller, you need every competitive edge to make certain your success over the next 12 months.