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Share your goal setting experience for inspiration and help

Describe your goal setting experiences

We love to hear from our customers and peoples goal setting experiences. We want to hear even more from you so here is an open invitation to you to explain and share your own challenges, setbacks, changes to your mindset and wins.

Your personal experience will help inspire and relate to others with similar challenges or goals. By sharing real experiences across the globe on your journey, motivations and process will help you remain more accountable.

How it works:

Public Experiences:

Send us a link to your own blog articles with your story with your update tagged with “#JAMSO” and linked to this article.

Send us a link to your own social media post with your story tagged with “#JAMSO

Private Experiences:

We respect your privacy so if you prefer not to share with the world and prefer to keep it personal, then do not simply send us directly a personal email or message with your own experience.

Formats Permitted:

Social Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +.

Social considerations: Note that social stories are deleted after a typical 24 hour period for instances such as Instagram Stories or Snapchat – We cannot promise to find and view such content so quickly

Website backlinks to this article are fine.

Who can contribute?

  • Anyone over the age of 18.
  • Schools, public organizations, and institutions are welcome.
  • Charities and Not For Profit Organizations
  • Public and Private companies

Monthly JAMSO review and help

For each month during 2018, we will review the posts shared publicly and privately. We will then make a random choice selection of a single post and offer to help the poster.

Our help will come in a range of different offers from help to spread the celebration, direct coaching or worksheets, tutorials, and tips.

FAQ About posting compatibility

Can I just use a simple word or image?


Can I send multiple posts?

Yes, use the tag and links as much as you like

What is the selection criteria JAMSO uses for the monthly review?

We will use a random number generator to select each month