Goal Setting Through Social Media

Goal Setting Through Social Media

Use social to create results

Use social to create results

There are a diverse range of possibilities within social media to help you with your personal goal setting. Here I will show you how you can use different social media platforms to help you towards the success you seek.

The new contender in social media growth

The new contender in social media growth

To avoid the risk of duplication I have concentrated on some of the current leading social media platforms. Apply these ideas and concepts to other platforms available i.e. Snapchat.


As the growth of social media continues to impact our daily lives it is important to see how we can integrate some of its features into Goal Setting for daily use.

Number of Users for Social Media 2016

Numbers of users in millions



This is a free site that represents the smallest social media gathering in the list but a strong contender for your consideration. The site is made up of images, videos and links, each is called a “Pin”. The Pins are put onto “Boards”. So in the same what you file a document in a folder or pin a notice on a cork board.

You can create Private or Public boards and even invite others to collaborate.

Here is how to apply Pinterest for your personal goal setting.

As you run through this list, I suggest you consider which boards and pins you wish to make public or private.

Create specific Vision Board

Within these boards set out the images, videos, uploads and links of what your end dream goal vision will look like. Go into as much detail as possible. For example, if you want to become proficient at Yoga then fill it up with great positions you wish to be able to perform.

Create specific Goal Boards

If your vision board provides the actual end destination use Goal Boards to set out specific mile stones journeys. For instance, if your vision is to run a marathon have that in your vision board but also create a “My first 5k” board, and 10K, half marathon etc. You will also may need to create cross training, strength training, stretching and diet boards so support your journey.

Create a Strategy board

Use this board to show the broad or specific strategy and tactics you will use you help achieve a goal. This might include productivity hacks and how to cope with a busy family whilst writing a book.

Create a Measurement board

Commit to update this board with your periodic results. This can include images of selfies after you have laid the foundations to your make new shed or the first vegan meal you cooked.

Use the Collaboration tool within Pinterest to invite others to make comments and contributions. Here you might want to share pins of books your new book club members post after they have read one or a short video of your new language skills. These actions help in accountability and feedback loop needed for your goals.

Create an Inspiration board

In this board create the affirmations, wise words, quotes and best in class performers of your goal.

Pinterest has a great visual aspect to it and is supported with apps for your phone for swift uploads. Comments and likes are used less in Pinterest than other sites; however that should not mean you do not make of that designed in feature. Indeed as with all social sites, comments and likes are their lifeblood!


Most people use Facebook as their main social media experience. We often see status updates and selfies of family bike rides and happy faces yet most peoples feed today is clogged up with adverts and news full of information and services you may never wish to use.

Take control of your feed

You can use Facebook to change the online world and experience you want. Use the pointer in the top right of each post to cleanse your feed. This helps reduce the current type of content. The next step is to replace and prioritize the feed with sources that reflect your goal. So, go to Settings and then click “news feed preferences”.

Go through each of the category areas and fine tune your news feed with discover pages that match your interests.

The changes you make to your feed will take a little while to fully take effect as the Facebook algorithm learns and adjusts to your reactions. Expect a few days before full changes are implemented.

Well done you now have a new daily Facebook experience. But what more can we do for goal setting?

Relevant Groups

Use the search facility within Facebook to find groups linked to the goal you seek. Where possible find local groups as this opens opportunities for offline meet ups. One typically finds that the more generic the group the lower the engagement and quality of experience you will have. For this reason alone, JAMSO decided against creating a Goal Setting Facebook group. It would become too broad and less relevant to its members.

For the times that you cannot find a group that you seek then consider creating one! You just might suddenly find many other people share the same interest and vision as you.

Groups can be created as open or closed to help manage privacy and trolls!

Create A Specific Goal Page

You can create a new page on Facebook for annual gatherings of friends, hobbies, clubs etc. so why not goals? Create the page with a strong image at the top that represents the goal and then post and update the page as a record of your trials and tribulations towards your goal.

Using milestones on a page is a great way to show off specific achievements as you make progress. Photos, videos, notes and even events all make it possible to maximize all aspects of your goal.

Invite accountability partners to like your page and make comments on your posts as you measure and create memories of progress. A fast method of gaining visibility in the mass fight of attention on Facebook is to use the Facebook Live Feed; it operates like a police siren bursting through your friends feeds! Ideal to make a report or share moment of achievement.

You also have the option to create action buttons on your page to external links such as donation pages or another website.

So, Facebook can be a flexible and diverse tool to help you create and manage your goals. We already have our feeds full of friends and family uploading their gym and run selfies or statistics, so you should feel fine doing the same in a more managed and sensitive way to improve your own personal targets.


Instagram is a sister site of Facebook. The application and use of Instagram for goal setting is distinctly more restrictive than its counterpart and yet can be more powerful in the area of motivation and inspiration.

The profile feed on this media is a chronological sequence of uploads.

We find this platform is a powerful visual experience media. It is possibly best known for its contribution to vanity with selfies, perfect coffees, sunset and quotes.

Within the realm of goal setting your Instagram account can be a great asset. The mobile nature and speed of use makes it a perfect tool to look at a motivational message, quote, or video. Fill up your feed to reflect your inspirational needs and journey.

There are many apps that you can use to post motivational messages you wish to create or simply feel free to repost any of the JAMSO posts. Give us a #jamso note on your post for a signal of credit and curtesy. 

Esthetics is everything when applied to Instagram, so create a style that reflects whom you wish to be in future. Use the hashtag facility extensively to find and associate images and video to common themes.

The most popular Goal Setting hash tags include:

#fitnesshumor               #luxurylifestyle              #goalsetting

#gymhumor                  #richlife                         #millionairemindset

#millionairelifestyle       #moneymotivated         #businessowner

#active                           #betheboss                    #motivate

#hustle                           #youcandoit                 #staypositive

#noexcuses                     #success                        #health

#ambition                      #motivated                   #hardwork

#accountability              #monlife                       #challengegroups

#selflove                         #quote                          #agenda

#life                               #selfimprovement         #gratitude

Use these hashtags for your own posts and also within the search bar to find other likeminded people so you can engage in comments, likes, follows and direct messages.

Late in 2016 Instagram copied from SNAPCHAT a concept called “stories”. This is a series of videos and images with basic filters that also expire after a 24 hour period of time. The story facility is a great tool to share daily moments, the ups and downs of your experiences and boosts engagement.

Instagram is a great potential tool for your use in representing a Vision Board, the journey of your goal and it is full of measurement before and after images.




Today we think of YouTube as more a visual search engine than a pure social media channel, yet it certainly has that functionality and retains popularity. As a user of YouTube you can subscribe to different channels, for instance at JAMSO we share a motivational playlist. See it here.

So, for your own goals it is possible to create private or public videos and channels. Here are some steps we suggest you can use it for goal setting.

Create your personal playlists in the same way that we suggest for Pinterest. These should cover curated videos to act as a vision board, Inspiration/Motivational messages. Then some best in class playlists showing the best techniques or your own videos uploaded to share the progress and results.

Comments on YouTube can be quite harsh so if you have a public video then expect at some point negative comments. Conversely there will be comments of support and even links to other sources of help.

You can create channels for different goals to help categorize the areas of your goals.


This platform is possibly the fastest moving platform on the internet within social media. The feed spins exceptionally fast. A key use of Twitter is news and targeted hashtags. We suggest per post then 3 hashtags as a maximum.

Twitter and goal setting may seem very far apart, yet there are some specific areas you can make good use of.

Firstly you can create a goal profile or a personal profile.

Then post significant news worthy milestones and special moments. Use the search bar to find other people with common interests and comment, like; retweet to act as accountability partners and motivational buddies.

The direct message facility is a great asset in this platform to share personal messages of feedback, information seeking and feedback.

Note that the use of Quotes on Twitter is also extensive so use it to share, seek great inspirational quotes.

The news strength of Twitter is a powerful way to find out the latest results in sports or specific events. Use this extensively.

The video posting option within Twitter encourages short video messages to match the speed of the platform. Also GIFS are expanding in their use for emotional reactions. So use a bit of humor if you had a bad day at the gym.

The use of Twitter lists is a great powerful tool to manage your feed and find information to a specific topic or hashtag. So, news or updates about information related to your goal is a great source and touch point option.


Twitter moments are recent creations. These can be used for you to record a special milestone moment and link a specific series of tweets into a form of a slideshow. This is a powerful summary tool to reflect on progress made with your goal.


Yes it still exists. Google plus is like the least popular member of the family. Although once you get to know them, they are nice people, clever and entertaining. This platform still has well over 100 million subscribed users yet at its core 3.5million posts more than 50 posts over the prior month. That is a tough statistic at first however you should not be put off. Indeed the JAMSO Goal Setting and Goal Management Collection have over 750 followers.

Use the search function to find communities (similar to Facebook groups) to discover people with similar goals as you. Take a look for the most recent posts to see how engaged the community is. Based on your experience take a decision to join or even create your own community.

Do not be put off to create your own community in a reducing or niched social media platform. For example we created a community 2 years ago just for Fintech Startups. We now over 1100 members in that niche. This is great as we communicate and share to a very specific audience and market place.

Use the communities to comment, +1 (a google like) and extend your social interactions.

For goal setting I also suggest you seek to follow some communities to help boost and top up your motivation, specific skills and inspirational sources. Expect less engagement on Google+ but normally a higher quality comment and contribution.

Using Collections

Collections in my opinion are Googles way of countering the effects of Pinterest. So use the suggestions I made earlier there to apply here. The key difference is that your posts onto collections are listed under your profile and more likely to generate some engagement through a +1, share or comment.


Yes even LinkedIn is considered a social media site. OK it is mostly used to search for jobs but this platform is transforming its ability to interact with its users. The acquisition from Microsoft has seen an increase of attempts to extend its users reach. LinkedIn is not a platform I suggest you use like other more “social” social media platforms but there are designs within it perfect for goal setting use.

Your LinkedIn Profile

James Doyle - Founder of JAMSO: This is his LinkedIn Profile, you can use it as a Template example

James Doyle - Founder of JAMSO: This is his LinkedIn Profile, you can use it as a Template example

Within the user profile you have the ability to add honors and awards. Use this to promote the end results and success of specific goals. Note that an upload of “Best Cup Cake” from your local fair is not a wise choice to upload. Rather a significant achievement, so a marathon win is fine to upload or a certificate to prove your climb ascent of Kilimanjaro.

The Projects section within your profile is a great area to share some of your long term life goal legacy projects. So, language learning is a great contender to add here. Again be career specific or select a project that demonstrates, leadership or collaboration or innovation.

You can add within the Causes you care about some core areas that reflect your goals such as health, investing etc.

The Skills and endorsements section is a great area to gain validation from your professional network of acknowledgement in certain skills attained. This is a great area to use once you have reached your goal in certain business related skills.

If you manage to learn a language then ensure this is uploaded within your profile within the appropriate section.

An over looked part of the LinkedIn profile is the “Additional Info” section within your personal profile. Here you can add some key areas of development or activity you are engaged. If you are keen on personal improvement, then this is the perfect area to have it listed.

Relevant Groups

For career development and work related skills seek LinkedIn groups to join. These are great areas to find engaged and high quality content on any given specific area. Be selective with your group selection, it appears on your profile and engagement levels vary from group to group regardless of size.

Being an active member of a group can be great way to create and develop influence within a specific career subject matter. It also helps create connection opportunities to help you with your career aspirational goals.


A key part of LinkedIn is the ability to associate your profile and news feed with information from key note speakers and leaders in career areas. Take LinkedIn’s suggestions and search for key people to help develop your overall experience with such highly innovative people. This can prove a great tip for career goals where you can gain insights to the latest research and thought leadership within your chosen areas.

Within the top search bar seek for the top 5 leading companies you would eventually like to work for. Then follow them also on LinkedIn. This keeps you up to date on their LinkedIn posts and can provide you tip to their business culture which will help with job interviews and even open position notifications if they use the platform proactively.

So, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for developing you career, skills and mastery goals. Be sensitive to the platform use. We do not recommend you post the same type of content on Facebook as you would on LinkedIn. There are reasons why these platforms exist separately so their use and application should be mutually respected to match their designed use.

Off Line

This article has offered some solutions, insights and methods to extend the connection of your transformational goals into your social media world. So for those moments you are waiting for a bus or a friend and you use the moment to check your phone these tips can influence and remind your brain waves of your commitments to goals and an improved life.


An extra word of caution! Social Media is a strong advertising area, expects to be SOLD TO and marketed to. This becomes ever more attractive when in pursuit of a new goal.

We all like to think a short cut or 3 step programs will get us to greatness overnight. No matter how good the product or service appears, tread with caution and check before you buy or commit.

There will be moments of temptation and perfect references, the sales funnels for some products and services are very slick so beware of great marketing techniques.


No matter which platform, system or strategy you decide, most goals in life are achieved offline. Treat social media as a candy. It is fine to take the occasional bite and snack but avoid too much consumption.

Use these tips to integrate your goals within your social time and influence you motivation towards success.

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