The snakes and ladders of your goal setting

How to apply the game of life with your goals.

Using inspiration from outside sources

Using inspiration from outside sources

I get it, you set your goals and then “life” gets in the way. It’s OK as these are new goals so consequences are perceived as low and you end up back where you started, months or even years later. Yet, there are some people that just manage to get all the “luck”. They set their goals and “life” gives them a good hand and they end up achieving what they set out to do.

So, how much of this life game of snakes and ladders is chance and how much is a choice? We designed the goal setting template to act as a guide and inspiration for your goals.

The realities of setbacks with goal progress.

If you do not have setbacks with your goals then you are either 1) Outstandingly rare 2) Lucky 3) Not ambitious enough with your goals.

Choices in every day - Cocktails or juice

Choices in every day - Cocktails or juice

You see, with any tough journey or worthy challenge you will meet adversity. It is how you deal with such adversity that matters. Your response (not reaction) is the key difference for those that attain goals and those that give up.

Common goals in the western world include health and fitness. So, once people stop going to the gym for a week or slip off their diet for a few days, they simply give up. Now that in my mind is crazy. Why give up after such hard work. Understand instead that progress will be made with 2 steps forward and 1 step back.




Frame challenges to climb success ladders.

The emotional response a person can develop helps in setback situations. Why is it that the emergency services staff or medical profession do not panic in extreme situations? They are normal people from every walk of life, just like you and me. Their training, preparation and mental attitude are what help manage their personal feelings and emotions. No doubt in a shootout or natural disaster they are also scared. Yet they operate with the faith and knowledge of their toolkit and ability to frame the challenge ahead of them.

So, the same applies to you and your goals. It does not matter if your goals are in the study, relationships, career, wealth, health or another aspect. Through the positive application of tools will help speed or steady your progress.

Free PDF Dynamic Game and Goal Setting Template

When you get into a funk about your goals or are seeking new inspirational ideas to give them a boost, using a framework template will help. So, we decided to team up with and create this free snakes and ladders goal setting template to keep your goals on track and give them a boost when needed.

Just print out the pdf, and use the details within each numbered boxes to drive better action, questions, considerations and balance or skew action where needed for goal growth.

How it works: Simply register for our monthly newsletter and download the pdf sheets. Once these are printed, just cut off the excess white edges and arrange them in the correct numerical order (check the numbers in the squares for guidance). Then simply tape the sheets together along the edge and hey presto you have your very own goal setting management template tool and framework checklist.

FAQ for this goal setting snakes and ladders framework template tool.

Who should use the framework template?

Anyone and any organization that is seeking to review or measure their current goals or seeking to create new ones.

Accountability partners can also apply the tool to help those in pursuit of their personal or team goals.

Can this be applied to the actual goal design and structure?

Yes. This goal setting template model is designed to ensure you select the correct type of goal setting theory model and link to broader considerations. We have performed a slight weighting approach in the design near certain snakes and ladders to ensure specific considerations are applied.

Extract from the free pdf template - Grab your full copy now

Extract from the free pdf template - Grab your full copy now

Does this template also work as a training tool?

Yes. This design is used in various applications for goal setting. From an inspirational model, framework, training and accountability checklist tool. It is deployed in both personal and professional scenarios.

What suggestion do you have for my existing goal process?

Use the template to check and ensure you have considered the most important factors for your goal process. There are likely to be gaps discovered and new ideas to explore. Use the template to support your successes and overcome the hurdles from motivation or resource obstacles.

Are the number and word order significant?

Yes. Some key strategically placed words and theories have been placed but about 80% of the game design is interchangeable with the word choice.

Is this a game or a template?

You can use this goal template as both a game and static template for inspiration. Using the snakes and ladders concept as a game helps identify and remind us of the uncontrollable aspect of life and their impacts on our goals. Using the framework, we offer some insights on how to use each square as a coping mechanism and resource toolbox.

What are other free templates available from JAMSO?

Many of our articles offer some free resources, read them and apply them. We love to get feedback on the challenges and successes you have with them. This snakes and ladders design template are one of a key 3 part series. We have produced and published already for metrics and gamification.

There is a wide resource pool of material that we also deploy during our own workshops and training material. Most of our other material will remain for paying clients only, so if you want it – contact us.

A case study use of this goal setting template. Part1:

Here is a personal journey by James Doyle – Founder of JAMSO on the templates use.

Working as the owner of a “performance business” I need to ensure I “eat my own dog food”. That is to say, why would anyone take on suggestions and ideas if I am also unwilling to embrace them and show them as personal examples.

James Doyle - Founder of JAMSO

James Doyle - Founder of JAMSO

Some of my goals are easy and straightforward. I have been fortunate to come from hard-working stock as an Irish family in the UK and those ethics, values, and principles of persistence has helped me overcome hurdles, setbacks and obstacles through life.

People would often ask me how I achieved what I have with minimal resources. My answer at first was the obvious “I just do it”. Over time I realized that my abilities to be resourceful and focused with an eye on continual learning have been the “secret sauce”.

So, as a leader in business and in parts of the community, I applied more structure to my approach. I have a mental checklist which has been set down in this snakes and ladders template.

Framing goals and challenges for growth. Part 2:

I discovered that people like certainty and “silver bullet solutions”. That means a quick fix, a hack or a fast track solution. Yet life is more nuanced than that. So, I have applied the template to guide, influence and improve the knowledge, awareness, and skills in people I have managed, lead and influenced.

Motivation and process should be used in combination to help overcome hurdles and accelerate success. This is why I have used the tool as a reminder and checklist that different goal setting theories are applicable to different types of goals. There is no “one size fits all” theory that works for everyone. Indeed, your own emotional needs change over time and so your approach to a support system should reflect that also.

So, this is why and how I created the template. It helps me personally to remain disciplined and motivated. I still have health and language skill goals that I struggle with the most. So, for those, I use the template most to keep me on track and motivated.


This unique free goal setting template tool is a smaller scale version of one we use for people and companies depending on their phase of progress and skill level of goal setting theory. You can see we apply from Lock to Cardone (SMART to 10x methodology) plus use our own INSPIRED system amongst others. We have ensued inspiration, motivation and purpose are as represented as measures and the actual goal systems themselves. They are all counter-dependent.

Inspirational quote for goals

Inspirational quote for goals

Please feel free to change or amend the style into another design such as a periodic table, standard checklist or Venn diagram of key goal areas to cover and consider. The design of this “game” matters less than the action and method of implementation that you use.

The design of this game matters less than the action and method of implementation that you use.

JAMSO is dedicated to your goal success and growth in knowledge of goal setting systems. We would love to hear your own unique success story or any questions you have on this free goals template.