Hey JAMSO - what is the meaning of the geese?

Joining Geese and JAMSO

One look at the JAMSO brand image and instantly geese are photo bombing the scene! The geese have been selected for various reasons, whilst I explain these reasons, maybe we can relate and learn something to apply in our own performance to improve results.

The founder of JAMSO is James (that’s also me doing the writing here), grew up in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom which has a wonderful wildfowl trust at Slimbridge. Although Slimbridge is better known for its visiting swans, the geese fly in perfect formations also and signal a time of year for their onward journey. I now live in southern Denmark and take great pleasure to see the seasonal migration routes of these birds fly over our house and local area, so it reminds me in some ways of my roots but also that life is a journey.

We know geese as waterfowl and yet they spend most of their time on land, which is a reminder that to be great at something it may be required to put in a lot of time and energy in other areas of life to enhance your performance.

Geese are just geese right? No, there are over 80 breeds of goose (singular of geese). A reminder that not everyone is the same, we are all unique and therefore unique solutions are often required for maximum results according to environment, drive, skills etc.

TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), the flock of geese understand this and put it to action with fantastic results. After working together over a few months flocks of geese form a V formation. By doing so they improve their flying range by over 70% through aerodynamic benefits. When the leader goose becomes tired she/he moves out of the way to allow another goose take the lead so the whole formation gets to their destination as swiftly and safely as possible. This is a great lesson in life where we learn the importance of working together, training and a leader acknowledging when it is in the best interests of the group to have a new leader so the aim is achieved swifter.

Some geese fly over 2-3000 miles (that’s over 4000 km) this shows an ambitious target needs to be broken down into steps and allow for natural head winds, diversions of unexpected events but retain a clear focus on the end result.

Geese use 10 different sounds for communicating, this can be encouragement or instructional . We need to communicate always with our surroundings to ensure the development and safety of our own flock is assured and understood.

If several geese families are in the same area they form a crèche for the young. Equal attention is given to all. The geese are also known to look after their own sick and wounded until it recovers and heals. This is an important lesson in life where we are reminded to look after others so at a time of need we may also receive the same attention and help.

Some geese need to fly over the Himalaya mountains and thus need to fly up to 25000 feet (7620 meters) although mostly they fly in the range of 500 feet to 10000 (150 to 3000 meters). These are incredible altitudes for birds and I love to fly and parachute/skydive so it is an equal love and respect for these amazing achievements that fascinate me with geese.