How I used less time to boost a goal.

A personal story that applies to you also.

It was a Friday afternoon at about 3pm when I updated a post on Twitter that I noticed my “followers” was at 1972, not bad for a business account that only had 70 followers in January! When I joined Twitter I must confess I did not “get it”. I was a Facebook and occasional fun Snapchat user but Instagram and Twitter? I noticed however that Instagram gave a back door peek opportunity to our business and so I started posting occasional images. For Twitter I took the media more serious which lead me to a growth from 70 to 1972 by middle April 2015.


The growth of our business Twitter account came through the use of our own content plus additional content that will interest our followers across the world. We use Klout (running with a klout score of about 62) and Buffer to discover fresh content and their time plan facilities to post at various times throughout a day. In addition we use Hootsuite to listen to the twitter market for hashtags that are topical and relevant to our business. The result has been a full change in how we view Twitter. We have direct conversations from IBM Vice Presidents to people reaching their fitness goals in India. The diversity of contact stimulates and interests the JAMSO team and for sure gives value to the market and followers.


So, Friday 3pm and the founder of JAMSO simply says “wouldn’t it be great to just give a swift push to try for 2000 before 5pm”. Well the challenge was set and an instant plan was created. We made direct conversations with influencer's of high Klout scores, re-tweeted new fresh interesting content from followers and our lists. We reached out to connect some new business areas, issued some extra #FF Follow Friday tweets and simply had a fun couple of hours tweeting to our followers.

Within the 2 hours we smashed the 2000 mark and I write this on St Georges day mid-day 22nd April with a following of 2223! Not a bad set of progress and as you see we benefited from our efforts in those 2 hours not just to get to target but stimulate an accelerated growth in the days that followed to our new level. So, 10% growth in just under a week is very respectable outcome for us. Hey - follow us on Twitter now right here.

Action Point Questions;-

What firm steps can you make in the next 3 hours to develop a closer relationship to your network?

How often do you review your metrics and seek opportunity to spice up the day with a competitive spirit?


The lesson from this experience is how a minor metric can be used to re-engage with the system and process with new vigor and stepped improvements. A concentrated effort on a “menial” metric can produce step change and make the metric more meaningful over time. Also, have a big of fun and discover why you measure the process in the first place!

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