How to have a simpler life, get up early, start the day, work fast and think faster

How to create a simpler life

I love any single variation of the above kind of headlines. Within the world of goal setting, performance management, business analytics and big data let us see how I propose to make them come true for you.

How to simplify your life

How to have a simpler life

  1. The start of this project is to have a clear out at home. All those nik naks, old un-worn T-shirts can now have a home at your local charity shop for someone else to enjoy and benefit the charity work and funds.

  2. Now that you have more space at home, consume less so not to refill it up! This applies to services and physical goods. When you do buy then focus on high value/quality items.

  3. Let go of the past and do not let things genuinely out of your control bother you. This is a good time to sever unhealthy relationships. You will often hear a phrase "show me your friends and I will show you your future".

  4. Learn to say no and do it more often.

  5. Do a social media 1,2,3,5. 1= Try 1 day without any social media. 2= Contact 2 friends face to face or by phone instead of social media. 3= Every 3 weeks review the benefit of your time on social media. 5= Whatever time you spend on social media divide it by 5 and reduce it by that amount.

JAMSO Bonus Tip: Walk more and cycle more to local areas and meetings. Try parking a little further away or get off the bus 1 stop earlier to encourage this behavior. Use the extra time generated to reflect on good things happening in your life.

Avoid being an apathetic camel.

Avoid being an apathetic camel.

How to get up early

  1. How is your bed? Does the bed creak or make noise as you turn around? Ensure you have a comfy pillow (I need at least one..), ensure the blanket/duvet covers you well and the mattress and bed make you comfortable. - You deserve the best chance to get up in the morning and so ensure your sleep is quality, restful and without disruption.

  2. Black out the room for full darkness. Use special curtains or other devices as needed to help keep light out and darkness for sleep in.

  3. Read a book for at least 15 minutes before sleeping (with real paper pages- to avoid online distractions such as reports and last minute analytics adjustments)

  4. Avoid caffeine several hours before bed time.

  5. Turn off your phone one hour before going to bed. I personally switch mine off between 9-10pm and have a mode setting of silence between 9-7am with a couple of contact exceptions. When I say I turn off my phone, I also leave it in another room!

  6. Be tired enough mentally and physically to want to sleep!

  7. Have a great breakfast planned and know where your "must do today" action list is ready for review when you get up.

JAMSO Bonus Tip: Fresh air in the room and an appropriate temperature between 16-21C

Gratitude for others at the start of the day

How to start the day

  1. Working out in the morning is a popular advocated approach. Personally I take our family dog for a walk and use these moments to "wake up", clear my mind with a reflection on what needs to be done in the day and also an appreciation of something natural, from a flower to the sky or a bird or the day I am enjoying the walk with.

  2. Planning with clear objectives in the day is one thing but communicating your plan to your surroundings is of equal importance. This helps your network of work,friends and family to know when to contact you or not and for how long you may be available.

  3. Depending on your personality and values make some action before your work day starts. This can be a special email, SMS message, posting a letter, review an art piece , compliment a member of the family. I feel this provides me some clarity to know I have added a personal value activity to those people and areas of life I feel as extra special.

JAMSO Bonus Tip: Treat everyday as a whole new day, let go of yesterday and do not be anxious about tomorrow.

Thinking on your feet

How to think faster

  1. Work on the first thought that comes to your mind. After consider others but consider the relevant benefit difference of each idea. Soon you will often know the difference is small so work with the first plan.

  2. Listen in an active manner and connect to the holistic view and context of your inputs.

  3. Visualize a conclusion or several steps forward of the points been discussed.

  4. Do not feel compelled to do lot's of talking or have many ideas. Few great ideas are better than many bad ones.

JAMSO Bonus Tip: Play speed chess

Working out even faster

How to work faster

  1. Productivity and efficiency tools are great "free" ways to boost performance and make more time for interesting activities.

  2. Clear desk policy assists clearing ones mind boost performance - why else did you think it is so popular?

  3. Great lighting and ergonomics of your work station. From working on a computer to packing fruit in a factory, ergonomics and bright lighting helps boost efficiency and performance. Regular short breaks and variations of body position helps avoid RSI (repetitive strain injury) and improves blood flow.

  4. Keep a laser focus on the task in hand. Nigel Risner's "Be in the room" approach is a valuable lesson to be learned.

  5. Create and add both purpose and value in each task. This enhances the quality of work thus reducing the need for medium/long term repetition of the task or dealing later with shoddy workmanship.

  6. Templates, process and block tasking jobs that are similar can be great ways to help you work faster. Seek periodic review to explore what can be automated and define a clear Wish,Want;Need to be done list.

JAMSO Bonus Tip : A light lux level of at least 2000 will lift the atmosphere of your workplace and performance. (Normal natural daylight is 10000 lux)

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