How to use your personal ambition for the collective good.

How to use your personal ambition for the collective good.

The birth of ambition.

I have two great daughters. The youngest daughter has always had some clear ambitions and goals (I wonder where she got that from?). If you ask her where in all the world she wants to go, the answer has been always the same, Disneyland and New Zealand. We plan to do Disney in the next few weeks so that ambition and goal will be completed. She does not even know why New Zealand is her other magical place of desire and yet she still has a burning need and plan to go there.

Developing and reflecting on personal ambition

The second area of her ambition is writing. She simply loves to read and write. So, when asked what she wants to do when she is "grown up", the answer is also always the same. Write books. She is realistic to understand that success from writing books is hard to achieve, yet for her the simple fact of writing and creating something unique brings a level of peace, satisfaction, purpose and pure enjoyment.

Create and write meaningful goals

Create and write meaningful goals

This makes me reflect upon what we do at JAMSO, the purpose and enjoyment of helping others improve performance, see new opportunities in data, share skills and techniques that provides a bottom line positive difference and helps grow the managers and staff we train.

Study results impact business direction

In an interesting study by the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management about ambition they concluded “It’s about achieving things and the status that goes with reaching those goals.” The word status here in my opinion is a significant intrinsic emotional feeling and not required to be an outwardly status by peers.

Prototype MotoGP motorbike engine

Prototype MotoGP motorbike engine


Indeed I find today more than ever that many small business leaders are seeking to make change and their ambition is not a pure financial driver but one of purpose and a greater benefit to society. This is a great time to see, share and experience. The difference between personal ambition and collective ambition is important for leaders to understand.

Developing the landscape of ambition

My daughters ambitions therefore are personal, I wish her well and shall continue to support her in these areas. We encourage her recent engagement with the Danish national news media company DR and Microsoft as she works on a journalism project (not bad for age 11!).

  • When we grow older it becomes important to see how our personal ambitions can become part of a collective ambition. This is where our greatest benefit to society and a business can be found. This is where the leaders, workers, managers gain competitive advantage through the delight and sheer will and love of the task in hand.

Action Point:

  • What are your ambitions?

  • How can any of your ambitions be combined with a local community or business goal and action?

  • Seek to apply or facilitate a change to combine your personal and a collective ambition


By creating the bridge from personal to collective ambition we offer the best value in this world and become more rewarded from the process and results.

What are your experiences in these areas? Do you know a story in life that is similar? Do you seek more guidance in this area?