How well do you manage your mind?

Think more about how you control thoughts 

Ali - Mind controller and boxing showman

Ali - Mind controller and boxing showman

The mind is your most powerful tool.

This tool has some amazing positive powers to do good and great things, it also has the power to delude and stop you.

When you think of career, business or life goals do you have an almost picture perfect sunny dream of how each part of your life will look like and feel? Many people share with you these expectations and yet few manage to attain them all.

Why is it that your same imagination of positive outcomes seems to fail you when you start on the path of attainment? In this article we shall explore together some of the core reasons and propose some techniques and points to gain success.

Have a scary life

On the hunt

On the hunt

The idea of trying something new can scare us. This is a perfectly natural reaction. It is an instinctive survival skill designed to protect us.

Most chances and risks the human race has taken for the past several thousands of years have been linked to a physical danger.

So, your brain has evolved to see change and new adventures with an instinctively biased safety seeking mechanism.

The biggest hurdle to overcome therefore is to take a logical decision for change and not just an emotional one.

  • What goal do you have that scares you?

  • What goal do you have that you stopped?

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 Determined to make a difference

Hugh Glass played by Leonardo De Caprio

Hugh Glass played by Leonardo De Caprio

I recently read the book “The Revenant” by Michael Punke, which is now a Hollywood blockbuster with Leonardo De Caprio winning his first Oscar in 2016.

Although I am yet to see the film, the book fascinated me with the story and strong will from the leading character Hugh Glass (Leonardo in the film).

Based on many true events the story demonstrates the power of the will. How a person can overcome so many obstacles and challenges, become very creative in solutions through the power of having a bigger purpose and reason.

  • Once you gain your desired goal, what will you do with it?

  • What legacy are you building through your goal setting?

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Dealing with systems

You have got this far reading this article, because you are seeking to solve parts of your busy life, career, or business.

The improvements of society over the past 100 years have brought us to ever more complex lives that create new distractions. The upside of choice is being able to select across many variables and stimulate short term actions in the brain.

For this, we feel great and OK, but soon seek a new small challenge to solve. If you have too many distractions in your life, then the ability to think clearly and strategically is diminished.

A help for busy people and companies is the use of check lists and systems.

A computer has the amazing ability to pull information from all its data points, time and time again simply because it is built upon a stable platform with reliable system use.

We see the use of systems and check lists from the use of a simple recipe to complex launch sequences of a space rocket. By creating and using time and action planners it is surprising how much can be achieved not just through capability but from the consistency that check lists provide.

There is a difference between the procedure, system and the actual technique of execution. Start with establishing your robust system.

The early phase of computer power

The early phase of computer power

  • What part of your goals do you generate a system for?

  • How do you review the effectiveness of your system for improvement?

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What is your point of reference?

Star systems

Star systems

Most of the innovations we see around us are not new.

Indeed many are not innovations but marketing prefers to use the term instead of change or alteration.


The use of touch screens is often attributed to Apples innovation and yet the technology had been in use for many years, just not on phones. Making the decision on whom or what you use as a starting point of reference for your goal is important.

A person deciding to do a marathon is not best advised to seek reference from track sprinters. They are both runners but required very different techniques and skills.

This does not mean to say that either party cannot or should not learn from each other; indeed for the highest performing athletes there will be small advantages to be gained through learning from each other in the areas of breathing, strength training, finishing and recovery.

Use modern tech for insights

Use modern tech for insights

  • When did you last ask a high achiever a question about their success?

  • How do you select your current points of excellence?

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Team action

Rugby teams

Rugby teams

Almost every goal you have in life, career or business will need help from others.

The help may require different levels of interaction and commitment from each participant.

The actions you take may appear selfish or harsh on others; this can be the perceived price to win your goal prize.

Dedicate the time to seek high impact and dedicated people and systems to create positive action.

If you look at a team game, some players get injured, have special skills but most of all to their success is the 3 T’s of success.

  • Training/Technique

Each member of the team may have different skills and strengths, the need to balance these skills, hone them and make use of them are important for the best results.

Training also highlights the best strategy that should be applied for maximum impact and success through strengthening techniques.

  • Trust

Have you ever watched a sport when some player kicks or throws a ball to another player without even looking? That is because the player trusts the training they undertake, the system they work to and the trust in expectation of the other team members needing to be in the best position at the correct time.

  • Talking

The communication skills between team members are important. Establishing the correct tone and open dialogue through discussion and talking together is vital.

Talking to people directly instead of absorbing information passively also helps stimulate motivation, verifies understanding and provides insights that might not be understood or thought important otherwise.

  • Who have you selected to be part of your team for success?

  • What part of your team will only be needed for a short time?

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Action is the cashflow of success

Action is the cashflow of success

These steps presented in this article are not exhaustive but do provide an insight to help you with the mind games your brain plays on you when facing challenging goals.

You can harness the positive sides of optimism and imagination whilst been supported through robust logical systems to strengthen other areas to be developed.

Many people focus just on the end outcome of their goal and spend less time considering the discipline and tools needed to prepare for the goal success.

We want you to enjoy the fruitful outcomes of your goals and desires.


  • Written by James Doyle, founder of JAMSO. We have over 200 free articles, tools and resources for your success.

James Doyle - Chief Mind Officer - JAMSO

James Doyle - Chief Mind Officer - JAMSO

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