“I will believe it when I see it vs I will see it when I believe it” Can you see it?

“I will believe it when I see it vs I will see it when I believe it” Can you see it ?

When observing children at the playground it is simply fantastic to see the unstoppable creativity, imagination and drive to perform extraordinary actions. Ask a child what does it feel like to be Picasso or an astronaut or judge and they will swiftly share their perspective in many details. However, as we become older and continue through educational institutions or work environments, the need for social conformity starts to erode and influence these abilities and openness. The courage to share none conforming ideas, seen through the visualization of a child’s imagination can be an inspiring reference point to us “older and wiser” folk, as we face new challenges.

Good performers can tell you how they do something good, world class leading performers often cite instinct, gut feel, intuition as reasons for their success. It then becomes the job of observers of such class leading talent to decipher the actions into key steps and methods to help the performance of others and enable the “good” to become “great”.

I am a very keen follower of MotoGP (F1 of the motorbike racing world). It is amazing to see the extensive use of visualization whilst the riders wait on the start grid. They, like many other high performers, visualize the success with positive thoughts. Visualization comes from embracing the child like imagination and copying the great performers. The process helps rewire the brain to contribute to confidence, discipline and focus on the end game results.

So, if you want to become a high performer train your mind. Here is an exercise that may help you.

Try this challenge for some improved clarity and mental discipline.

Day 1 : Try to think of nothing for 10 seconds.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 : Increase by 5 seconds.

Day 7 Try to think of nothing for 35 seconds.

Week 2 Increment to at the end of the week you can manage 45 seconds.

Week 3 Increment to the end of the week so you can manage 55 seconds.

Week 4 Go for a full minute.

“I will believe it when I see it vs I will see it when I believe it”  CAN YOU SEE IT NOW ?