The 7 step guide shift from IOT focus to user experience

7 reasons to ignore IOT and focus on IOx (Internet of Experience) instead

The great exploding infographics and reports about the Internet of Things (also industrial internet of things, IOT, IIOT), is a hot topic of discussion and new business strategy. Yet all this buzz, investment and rainbow chasing comes at a risk. The risk being a new business model that does not meet the needs of the customer to a higher loyalty level.

Here, we make the case to focus business strategies upon improving the customer experience as the driver and core focus of any IOT project or activity.

Placing the experience cart before the buyer horse

The user, the market, the customer must come first. Their experience is vital to your cash flow, reputation and ultimate survival. Services that simply focus on boosting more services and products as a focus instead of designed commitment to the user experience is paramount.

A simple explanation and example is this very article. I would love to have scattered it with more images, yet Google are currently educating content creators on the need for page upload speed. This message and compliance to their goal, is rewarded with higher SEO (search engine optimization) ranking potential. So, in this case I decided to reduce the images shared and allowed for a faster upload of the page for your reading experience. Google has made this change due to the ever increasing numbers of people using the interest from mobile devices that also might not have such fast connection opportunities. Their focus is to prioritize faster uploaded quality content so the user of their google search engine remains happy with the selection and online browser experience.

Bells and whistles instead of satisfaction

Too frequently we see products and services with too many redundant features. Just because something is nice to have, does not mean it is a should have within the service experience of the market. Options can confuse and lead to value depletion emotions by the user. Instead, focus on ensuring the core functions do not just function, but glide, flow and make the user enjoy their experience.

To help decide how to score and experience the usability of your online services we suggest you consider some of the dedicated service providers out there. A good overview of some of the leading usability experience software tools was conducted by Usability Geek which provides some great insights to help you review the appropriate tool.

User experience priority over pursuit of data

You might love data but you should love repeat clients even more. The easier for devices to connect and remain secure, the more robust and simpler a user experience can become. The fancy dashboard start up with your business brand for 4 seconds on the display to a crane driver is of no value when compared to the recommendation that driver will give for a faster more instinctive interaction experience between operations.

Excellence delivers unique selling propositions.

Explaining clearly to your market what you are not, is as important as describing to your market what you are. This is especially true when outlining the scope and potential of an internet of things network. The hardware and software capabilities needs to be shared with clear outlines of capacity and potential. These high standards of excellence not just in the hardware or software itself, but rather the excellence in the communication of potential and limitations is exactly what can help define you from the rest of the crowd.

A business that has a clear pursuit of specific areas of excellence will develop its brand experience and reputation with that in mind. For years motorcyclist might desire the ride ability of a Ducati sports bike on the road or a car driver an Alpha Romeo, their handling brought smiles to their owners, yet the owners also knew due to reputation that the products could be slightly unreliable and needed high maintenance in comparison to others on the market. The keen enthusiast was prepared to put up with occasional inconvenience of reliability for an improved road exploring experience using these companies transport vehicles. Indeed the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia won the Motortend car of the year award mostly from an experience based measure.


Create memories not just bean counting metrics

One of the rising trends within marketing and branding is the final acknowledgement of some basic human behavior instincts. We respond best to stories, these can be generated though careful design and understanding of gamification and game theory principles. The emotional connections made during the use of a service should also be not just about the end user experience, it starts with information, support systems, physical ease of use at the point of set up.

One example is modern car light bulbs. Do you know someone or had a negative experience trying to change a simple light bulb? This practical design ought to be made simple and easier for car owners and not a contortionist experience or delegated to the need of work done by the local garage. This bulb change frustration can also be found and expressed via Quora where over 2000 people have viewed the answers to the issue.

Who uses a fax machine and who buys from people?

The population covers many generations of abilities, skills, desires and know how. I personally recall not getting my first mobile phone before my middle 20’s, now my children have practically being brought up with these devices in what some times feels like a natural extension of our body. Yet, there is a market for lower tech simpler phones. The profitability potential these, offer is very high compared to the ultra-tight margins on smart phones. Also, we see how frustrating it can be to talk to a real person as opposed to an automated service system. People are prepared to pay for a premium with such personalized services. These enhancements in services brings better product service match potential and an emotional connection that develops brand loyalty.

Recently I heard some vibration noise under my car. I suspected the exhaust had a hole so I brought it to a specific workshop. That workshop has already not charged me a few times for simple work done. My gratitude of their attitude meant I did not consider bringing my car to another place. In the end they identified another issue instead of the exhaust, this meant a main dealer warranty issue was engaged for free at another garage but I went to my local workshop with some cake and social media share of my positive experience as a thank you for their continued great service. Indeed, here’s an extra link to their car workshop if you are ever stuck in southern Denmark.

So, this business has never tried to push their app, email list, online booking system or other services. They make human contact and this action has won my loyalty.

Qualitive data will be an edge over quantitive data sets

The passion to grab as much user data remains strong despite recent kick backs seen in social media such as Facebook. B2B applications means some overlooked data gathering systems and processes are being designed into service and products. This appears to be attractive and can often provide great field research of user applications and help diagnosis of issues. So, the feedback loop to research and development can be a direct channel. Yet, the environmental and none measured elements can skew opinions and mis guide direction. A strain gauge on a bridge may not show the weather information and thus the contraction and expansion of the bridge skews perceived load measurements.

The need therefore of high quality and full data sets is more important than simply grabbing all the free data available at low cost.

Extra Consideration: - Security and privacy as an ethical default stance.

The more you connect devices, the higher the chance of becoming a target for hackers. Some data leaks occur by error, others on purpose from malicious actors, yet the outcome and damage to your brand can be devastating. Simply embracing standard encryption and normalized privacy policies will not be enough in the future. Already with the advance of improved data mining techniques, it becomes possible to identify signature information even within some anonymized data sets. We suggest you take a bold stance and seek if there are unique business benefits that might lock in certain loyal clients by offering the highest standards.

At JAMSO, we decided to take a bold and counter intuitive position with data browsing information and retargeting opportunities. Many companies will track and trace your activities and re-target ads to your screen later, simply following a perceived interest in some information. We decided to not pursue this strategy. We feel it is important to develop an honest relationship based on trust and openness right from the start. That is a significant part of our own Internet of Experience strategy.