How to improve your life in 60 seconds

What can I do in one minute that will improve my life?

With so many options and distractions in our day, time is ever more critical and important. I have created a list of actions that can be done every day for only 60 seconds that will improve your life.

Self-development takes the form from many different small and larger steps. We often see offered the larger scale ideas and big life changing concepts. This article turns the broader concept into a very small immediate actionable set of steps to help you straight away.

Stay in touch with a quick SMS , email, snap or other social direct message

Stay in touch with a quick SMS , email, snap or other social direct message

1) Send an SMS text or email to someone you have not been in touch with for a week

2) Open a door, buy a drink, let someone in front of you in a queue, drop a donation into a buskers hat - all for someone else every day

3) Reflect on the scale of history and the universe and feel gratitude for what you have

4) Close your eyes and visualize a positive outcome

5) Read a motivational quote here JAMSO (@jamsovaluesmarter) • Instagram photos and videos

6) Water some plants and appreciate their beauty

7) Same as number 6 for any animal in nature

8) Use the extra minute at the end of 1 conversation each day to share your deep gratitude to someone.

9) Goto a book marked website and sign a petition for a charity

10) Share a political message you care about with someone else

11) Write a short email sentence about a political issue you care about. Send the email after 2 weeks of comments to your local political representative.

12) Look at a holiday photo or a person or memory

13) State an affirmation Life and business affirmations for goal management success

14) Drink water

15) Eat veg

16) Stretch

17) Sprint/Run upstairs or do the plank

18) Create a new idea

19) Partially clean a room/tidy up

20) Search for a healthy recipe (bookmark your search)

Which one will you embrace for your own life? Try one now, it will only take a minute!

Let me know how this helps you.

Written by James Doyle, founder of JAMSO. We have over 200 free articles, tools and resources for your success

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James Doyle - Chief 1 Minute Doer

James Doyle - Chief 1 Minute Doer

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Create change using these dimensions

Create change using these dimensions