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Use these short sharp and shocking videos to boost your performance.

YouTube is synonymous with the visual discovery of information, solutions and yes lots of cat videos. Many use the platform to gain insights and information in a format not instantly shares through other search services.  The amount of video material available continues to grow every hour for the benefit of education and entertainment of its user base.

JAMSO has made good use of YouTube as a tool to extend our reach to a wider audience that searches for visual and audio solutions. We are pleased with the extra curious eyes on our knowledge bombs and insights.

So, to celebrate our love of YouTube here is some of the short videos we complied with a focus to explain some subjects within a 60-second window.

Why under 60 seconds? Although YouTube and other social platforms seek to keep their users online for as long a period as possible and generate additional revenue through adverts, we decided to steer away from that approach.

JAMSO has taken a bolder decision to deliver what we call an “elevator pitch explanation” for complex ideas and theories. We set our self a challenge to explain them in less than 60 seconds. – Here is the result.

So we showed up with these videos to help you perform better in life and business. - Go grab them.

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Gamification success and insights

Movies about metrics and measures

Goal setting theory explained in less than 60 seconds