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How to easily brighten up your day with #JAMSOorange

JAMSO founder James with his daughter at the Berlin wall - representing the colors

JAMSO founder James with his daughter at the Berlin wall - representing the colors

Welcome to #JAMSOorange on social

The”#JAMSOorange” challenge is a campaign we invite you to join today and anyday here after. We created the hashtag campaign to cover 4 areas we care about the most. It is here to help you spot more "orange" in your day.

1)    You, yes you matter to us first and foremost.

2)    Goals, we set a challenge with a goal so you gain the feeling of success and sharing its experience.

3)    We have left the design open to allow creativity and innovation though it’s gamification design.

4)    From hashtag measures, we will see over time the effect and metrics of the campaign and your contributions.

Why different colors matter in life.

Before we dive into the campaign details, let’s look at the world and understand more why colors matter. Different colors (colours in British English) hold specific meanings. The meanings are not always the same from region to region. For example Red in India means Purity and in South Africa, it means mourning and then in Russia, of course, is connected to communism but is used in the West as sexy or passionate.

Orange in daily life

Orange in daily life

So, what about orange and its impact? We at JAMSO have always used the color and various shades of orange in our branding, design and even clothing. To us, it represents a happy and fresh feeling. When looking wider we discover the following influences of orange.

For western psychology orange typically represents emotions of energy. Within Feng Shui, it is used to explain purpose, organization, the earth and strengthens conversation. – We like these values and think they are worthy for you to consider also within your own life.

Other uses and emotions connected to the color orange:

The color typically is used to improve visibility, warmth. In South America, it is used to represent fertility. Eastern cultures have used orange in monks clothing to represent happiness, humility, and love.

Fun Fact: In Thailand Orange represents the color for Thursday.

What is the “#JAMSOorange” challenge?

Simply, take a photo or tag an image that has some shade of orange within it, use #JAMSOorange

3 easy steps to join in

3 easy steps to join in

It can be from shoes to a sunset tone or where and whatever has a shade of orange within it. Think of it as a “50 shades of orange” approach – any shade, tone or size is good enough.

The purpose of this hashtag and campaign is simply to help adjust your mindset in a thought experiment. Your perception becomes your reality and so by seeking some happiness, warm and positive spirit in your day and then sharing it with others will help spread and share more positivity in daily life.

50 shades of orange?

50 shades of orange?

Try it with a single or multiple posts and let us know how the campaign impacted your thought process and day – We believe you will be surprised with the results.

Start with a splash of color using our unsplash collection

Example images on our unsplash collection

Example images on our unsplash collection

We have prepared over 900 images that have some orange content. These curated images can be found here on the Unsplash website. Feel free to use the ideas to inspire you and even use some of these royalty free images to get you started easily.

Enter the JAMSO Orange Wall of Fame

We will create a wall of fame at the bottom of this post starting from December. Here we will be showing all the top posts with #JamsoOrange, take a great or innovative shot to be included.

FAQ about this campaign:

Can I use a filter to generate the orange effect? – Yes, as long as it is creative then we are happy to accept it within the rules.

Is video OK to use? Sure, any format is accepted.

Can I post a none orange photo of something that is orange? (Example black pumpkin?) – Yes, be as creative as possible but ensure your subject will be known as orange. Having a sock image is not as convincing as a pumpkin or fruit juice!

Is posting the hashtag on a social 24-hour story OK? Feel free to post on a social platform using their story services but understand that this restricts our ability to include on the Wall of Fame and metrics.

Is it OK to have a picture and just right orange text on it? – Yes.

Is this limited just to Instagram or Twitter? Feel free to use any social media platform. Our metrics will include sources from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How many posts are allowed? – As many as you like, so start right away.

Can I simply repost a tagged image? – We encourage you to seek permission of the owner of images before reposting. Feel free to repost any of JAMSO’s own tagged offerings.

Can I use the hashtag in a blog or article instead? Yes, feel free to build in the concept and share your orange thoughts in any media format

When will the campaign end? – We will review this campaign until the end of 2018

How often will the wall of fame be updated? – From December 2017 it will be updated in real time.

Will I be marketed to after posting? – No, our intent is to share the orange love, share the great shots; you will not be pushed with offers to buy our services.

What do I get in return for posting this hashtag? – A smile, a creative spirit, a sense of achievement, and a wider sense of belonging to the wider JAMSO global community.

I want something in return for posting, come on, and why not give me something? – OK, ok we get it. So, here is an offer for you. Send us an email and mention the #JAMSOorange and we will give you 30 minutes free consultancy on goal setting, metrics or gamification.

Share your moments

We look forward to seeing your posts sharing the orange moments in your day.

James even brings orange to the sky

James even brings orange to the sky

Share this post with your friends to bring more brightness into people’s lives or feel free to become inspired enough to start your own color or another creative campaign. This, after all, is a campaign not for us, but just about you.








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