So much to learn in under 60 seconds

Video compilations with tips in under a minute

The silver bullet solutions we seek

The silver bullet solutions we seek

I get it, you are busy, you move from one thing to the next so are seeking a silver bullet summary and solution for everything. Although there are seldom silver bullet solutions, we have listened and created a series of short videos that can be viewed within 60 seconds. What is even better, we then uploaded them onto YouTube with dedicated playlists.

Whether your interest expands from Goals to Gamification and Performance Measurement or straight forward self-development, we have you covered.

So, if you are interested in Goal Setting theory from Locke to Grant Cardone's 10x and our own INSPIRED system, there is now a fast way to gain insights.

For gamification, we cover insights and clear steps for successful deployment of this growing sector.

Analytics, metrics and big data continue to impact our work and daily lives, here we have also provided some powerful insights to help your understanding, clarity of steps for success and even some check lists to identify errors.

Let us know what you think about these short videos - it is a new venture for us and hope their brief nature allows you to learn a lot and still have time to enjoy friends and family.

Goals Setting Playlist - Videos in under 60 seconds learning

Gamification Playlist - Videos in under 60 seconds learning

Metrics Playlist - Videos in under 60 seconds learning

Take a start with this example about forming happiness through positive habits.

by James Doyle - Founder of JAMSO