Discover the new way to improve management skills

Social media as a training platform resource.

Every business leader has a responsibility to retain and enhance the management skills of workers. Through skill, retainment and improvement come higher productivity and more engaged workers.

On one level we see the hard task-specific skills within the dedicated software of service/product know how being the highest level of training.

Yet, there are other broader and often overlooked skills that receive less training, yet without them have bigger negative impacts.

So, here at JAMSO we decided to curate and create some open material that we use, share with clients and make available for the wider public to make full use of.

The areas we cover below are ideal for self-employed business owners, frontline staff or multinational business leaders alike.

Click on the images below to bring you to our JAMSO Pinterest board with many resources that include training and articles, videos and worksheets to help improve your skills, knowledge, and awareness of improvement points.