The Snakes and Ladders for your metrics

Managing performance through metrics inspiration

Creating change requires doing something that you have not done for a while, or ever before. Being stuck with the same decision tree will only offer a limited number of options and potential results. Instead, you want a fresh and critical thinking approach to performance management. This is why we have created the snakes and ladders board for better metrics management.

Sample extract

Sample extract

Here you can print out the board (subject to joining our monthly newsletter first), and use the numbered boxes to drive better action, questions, considerations, and balance or skew action where needed.

How it works: Simply register for our monthly newsletter and download the pdf sheets. Once printed, just trim off the white edges and assemble them in the correct order (check the numbers in the squares for reference). Then tape the sheets together along the seams and hey presto you have your metrics snakes and ladders management framework.

FAQ’s for the metrics snakes and ladders framework

Who should use the framework?

Anyone and any organization who is seeking to create improved decision-making capabilities for performance management and data metrics.

Can this be applied to data science?

Yes, part of the model was designed to encourage a strict balanced approach to weighting and counter potential cognitive bias in algorithm design and builds.

Is this a game or a template?

You can use this goal template as both a game and static template for guidance. Using the snakes and ladders concept as a game helps identify and remind us of the overlooked aspects of data metrics management. Using the framework, we offer some insights on how to use each square as a trigger for consideration or action within your resource toolbox.

Does this work as a training tool?

The design also is applied for workshop training to stimulate discussion points and be part of your change management actions.

Are your metrics working for you or are you working for the metrics?

Are your metrics working for you or are you working for the metrics?

What suggestion do you have to deploy this at work for a manager?

Use the framework as a reminder and question driver when reviewing and designing business targets, goals and reports.

Are the number and word order significant?

No, we have included the core elements of the whole game to allow random chance. However, some strategically placed words have been designed into the game to ensure their relevancy is underlined.

Are other games and frameworks available at JAMSO?

Yes, we have simply released this as an example copy of metrics. We will be publishing similar free downloads for metrics, goal setting and gamification. We have a pool of material that we also deploy during our own workshops and training material. Most of our other material will remain for paying clients only, so if you want it – contact us.

A case study use of this game deployed at work. Part1:

Sandra and John work together on a finance project for a medium-sized baking business. The goals and strategy for the project are understood by the stakeholders and everything appears correct on paper. However, there is a lack of movement in key areas. The management and the project owners are feeling frustrated with the lack of significant momentum to bring about the change their project and faster results.

Their metrics report steady performance in the correct direction yet they struggle to keep the metrics in place on a day to day basis.

Make the numbers come alive and work for you

Make the numbers come alive and work for you

Using the snakes and ladders board they review each step of their project, its data collection, purpose, and actions were taken. Sandra and John soon discover that there is a bias of lagging metrics in their reporting structure and that the frequency of measures in one key area can be changed to provide improved insights.

They make the changes to include improved and more relevant timely measures and replace two lagging measures for 1 leading measured metric. They soon reap the benefits and see their project success is completed on time.

Sandra and John are recognized by the organization and real change agents and are awarded a special bonus for their success and innovation.

Making a difference in the business. Part 2:

The CEO of the company hears the great work that Sandra and John have participated in. The CEO is inspired and sees this as an opportunity for the whole business to create more change and focus using a wider framework to question, challenge and valid the data and metrics across the business.

So, Sandra and John are invited to create an internal 1-day workshop to share their experience.

They present their own experience and explain the use of the snakes and ladders board as a tool and framework to help dispel cognitive bias in their approach and ensure a deeper analysis and justification is taken for each of their metrics.

The purpose of metrics

The purpose of metrics

The management team and other key staff are put into mixed groups of departmental disciplines. They are given 2 areas of the business to consider for a metrics review. A leading manager explains their current reporting structure for each area. The team then uses the snakes and ladders framework to review the reports, KPI's, metrics and critical success factors. They soon highlight some opportunity for change.

The working groups present their new questions and ideas to the responsible manager. The manager then has 4 hours to return with a case to validate their current practice or propose some new change.


  • The CEO and shareholders are very happy with the outcome of the workshop.

  • Both Sandra and John are tagged for early promotion.

  • Changes to reporting are made and the business culture improves through a more open management format.

  • The data and metrics are reviewed more frequently across the business and the speed of change produces new innovations, savings, profit and a higher level of staff engagement.


This simple basic tool can be used with great intent and greater outcomes. The choice is yours. Feel free to change or amend the style to a periodic table or success elements or other design you wish. That matters less than the action and method of implementation that you use.

JAMSO is dedicated to your success. We would love to hear your own unique success story or any questions you have with this free tool. Just send us a message or drop a comment below and we will help as much as possible.

If you are looking for a third party consultancy to help stimulate change and boost metrics performance then contact us straight away for our global services.