Motivation and inspiration for performance management design

Motivation and inspiration for performance management design

Systems and process to create ideas and motivation

Systems and process to create ideas and motivation

The use of data and analytics recently highlighted at Amazon, resulted in negative press and a rapid response from the CEO to justify the actions. At the same time we recently have heard that Accenture and Deloitte have stopped their annual performance reviews. When such key influencers make a change we will see many companies follow suit. The question for many is

"what design should replace these metrics and reviews?"

I see part of the answer is to understand the difference of performance through people’s actions and not through a simple metric. The solution is found by going one step deeper and finding the personal inspiration within each employee.

Motivation vs Inspiration

Do you notice how prolific the use of motivational quotes is across presentations and social media? I join in with many others to share such motivational quotes as I recognize their benefit as a short term positive boost (like an expresso, or a smile from someone you admire).

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inspiration often comes at times away from the hustle and bustle of life (think of Archimedes entering the bath and his famous Eureka quote moment). There is a significant difference between the 2 areas so let us explore deeper.


I define motivation as an external influence. This is a great speech that sets out to explain the reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way, a future state promise with enthusiasm that stimulates action. The motivation may be clear enough to relate to logical reasons and systems that can achieve the end goal/destination. Now we see this works great for the short term but often falls flat. This is how and why New Year’s resolutions seem to be replaced with excuses by April (if you are lucky to get that far), that sales and marketing campaigns are often 90day cycles and rewards.

Pressups for motivation


I define as an internal revelation, an idea and state that last for a long time. This creates a vision that generates desire to overcome obstacles with creative solutions, generate spontaneous effort and lift the momentum of those inspired. We recognize motivation in ourselves but feel very different and more purposeful when inspired. It is inspiration that is associated to great revelations in human history, from Archimedes to Steve Jobs inspiration is clear to see.

How to be an inspiring leader.

Take a peek at this short 2.34min video via Entrepreneur that details their proposed 5 steps to be an inspiring leader.

I prefer to go a big step deeper than the video proposes.

1)      Through understanding the company core values, vision and mission plus targets, staff can also seek to align their own personal values, vision, mission and targets. There may be gaps identified and indeed there may be departures of staff shortly after, however it remains in the best interest of the company and staff medium/long term success to be inspired and reach their best potential.

How to create positive order

At JAMSO, we believe it is important to understand what inspires your staff and workers so that this can be connected to your own goals and objectives. From this comes the highest competitive edge of all, engaged, committed and high performance staff.

Reader Action Point:

  1. How do you seek to understand what inspires your staff?

  2. Do you already understand what your personal core values are?

  3. Does the business/local community have shared common values? If not what issues do you see?

This introduction to motivation and inspiration is intended to provoke some reflection but also definite action from YOU.