Not To Do List

If you are a "lists" person then this is for you.

Do you make lists and then lists if lists of the things you need to do? Sometimes they are scribbled on a piece of paper, other times within out Outlook or Notes programs or Wunderlist items on our smartphones. The lists comprise of anything from milk to long terms goals and objectives. All this is great and most people get a tremendous help and satisfaction from striking lines through the list, seeing them become shorter or simply deleted with a click of a button. Then only too soon the list becomes larger than ever and some people become burdened and dread looking at their lists.

Procrastination may occur is the lists remain at a static length, you may strike a couple of items off only to be replaced with a couple of new items to be done. This can become counter productive and lead to lack of prioritisation, procrastination, lower drive and less productivity.

So, ever thought of creating a "NOT TO DO LIST"? This is the list you can introduce to help on a weekly or daily basis. Choose some items that can help you towards a goal or objective or improve your personal time management. Items on your list could be anything from No cookies today, Facebook free day, sit for more 5 hours today, listen to the radio instead of an information or educational podcast. The next key element of this list (for staying power) is to write a short description or create an icon that represents the reasons WHY you should have this on your list.

Once you master and control some of the points on your NOT TO DO LIST then a broader level of satisfaction will emerge, you will then feel in control of more areas within your life and free up the time and effectiveness to help you tackle the items on your old TO DO List.