Out Of Office

JAMSO is now “Out of office” with no plans to return.

Thanks to everyone we have served at a business and personal level.

Thanks to everyone whom has worked with us or for us since our “birth” in 2014.

  • Our commercial services have now been removed for sale, purchase or provision to the market. BUT…..There is plenty still available for FREE!

All our subscribers data to our email lists is now removed, rinsed, washed, scrubbed, binned and not to be shared, sold or given to anyone else. You trusted us with your email address in privacy - we respect your trust and have sincere gratitude to this level of privacy shared with. So, respectfully you can be assured it will not be given away or sold from us at anytime.

If you follow JAMSO on social media, then our posts shall remain for you to return for inspiration, reference and use and include the odd smile!

You are welcome to return to our website for inspiration and content. All our blog articles will remain online and any downloads and templates freely shared for your use.

It has been an honor to help serve our clients, friends and even some of our competitors!

James Doyle - owner of JAMSO now takes a new working role for one of the largest family owned companies in Denmark with a global workforce of over 26,000.

We wish you all fair winds in life and business. - Now get on with those Goals, measure your progress with Metrics and consider Gamification to help motivate your day.

Gratitude and love always - Team JAMSO

Out of office

Out of office