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The place for specific answers to your questions

The place for specific answers to your questions

One of the internet’s more popular places to seek answers is not Google or YouTube. It is a site called Quora.

The site gains about 100 million monthly visitors seeking answers to their challenges and curiosity. JAMSO helps provides answers to a selection of questions that applies to the services we offer, our experience and expertise.

Here is a list of questions and answers we have provided to some of the visitors. Often we are asked specifically within the community to answer a question, and we are recognized within Quora as a “most viewed participant for Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).”

Quora Question #1 : How do I establish logistics kpi?

 To establish logistics KPI’s it is important to cover some of the below areas.

1) What are your business vision, mission, strategy and goals?

2) What is the priority strategy, tactics and goals your department are working on?

3) What are the metrics and methods of measurement established by your logistics providers?

4) What is the current performance of logistics in areas that affect our strategy and goals?

5) What are the anticipated risks that can effect and be affected by logistics for your business and your supplier?

6) What are the critical success factors that affect your business and your suppliers/customers business linked to logistics?

Your question is very open ended with too many unknowns to provide a full answer that helps you in a specific manner. I trust these oversight questions will help identify the metrics and linking key performance indicators to provide you success.

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Feel free to find many free resources on procurement and supply chain management and logistics on our Pinterest board here Procurement and Supply Chain Management + Logistics

Here is an article I wrote to help define check lists to help standardize and improve performance including logistics How to make goals and projects fly.

A good reference point of logistics information on Twitter is @Cerasis

The Wall Street Journal often publishes interesting content on supply chain management and logistics. Today’s Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ

I trust this puts you on the path for success


Quora Question #2 : What are the best strategies for setting goals if one doesn't know which intermediate steps to take?

Goal setting sounds like a great motivational strategy, but I often don't know how to get from A to Z. How do you set micro goals if there isn't a clear path yet?


Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping

This depends upon your history with goal setting success, personality and to a degree your cultural back ground.

Goals are the actual results from a wider vision, purpose and mission in life or business.

I suggest you check out the following points to help you on your way.

Define your priorities through a personal vision, mission and purpose (if you cannot think of more than 12months then that is fine at this phase).

Different systems exist for goals from SMART, SMARTER, WISE, HARD, BSQ, 10x, INSPIRED, OKR, WOOP etc. etc. etc. Start by taking a look at my website with a link of terms used within goal setting to help you understand which system has most appeal to you at this phase in your life and understanding. A dictionary of goal setting theory terms

You may benefit from a short chat with an expert to help you but first I encourage you to discover the answer yourself.


Quora Question #3 : Have you ever achieved your ultimate, long-term goal in life?

Basically the dream that you have dreamed of being a small child. And it would be nice if you include how you worked towards it and the challenges and obstacles and what happened when you finally achieved it


What a great question to answer.

My ultimate long term goals have changed as I have progressed through life.

1) As a young child I simply wanted to survive the education system but thrive in karate. My mother had little money to fund and support my martial arts desires so I gained a weekend job to pay for my tuition. Over the years I eventually became an instructor and helped run 2 clubs and was a guest teacher to several other clubs. So goal 1 done. Obstacles included money, teenage distractions, and injuries. Pursuit and pure purpose to become “good” pulled me through on a 15 year journey in martial arts

Better seen in their natural environment than a zoo.

Better seen in their natural environment than a zoo.

2) In my mid-twenties I became frustrated and struck a desire to “see the world”.

Well the obstacles have never stopped, from language, to finances to visas, to illness to priorities as life moves forward.

In the end I made only a few compromises (still need to go to the Himalayas) but otherwise, yes I have traveled the world, met a wife and now live in Denmark. I broke down my desires to themes and plans for history, culture, geographic diversity and “bang for buck”. After 53 nations visited I know how little we know about each other, and yet how similar human natural desires and wishes are.

3) In my thirties I started to wonder about running my own business. I had the fortune to experience this by being self-employed before and also within the corporate world creating brands, helping in business M&A and then eventually managing a global team with a financial budget of over 100 million USD. I started my business just over 2 years ago and love it. Obstacles include, learning new technical skills, finance, tax systems, building a client base, cost control etc.

4) In-between all this I managed to climb some of the biggest mountains in the world and am a skydiver of several hundred jumps. Obstacles include life, death, nature and the method to overcome has been perspective, love, desire, determination and priorities.

I am very happy and expect new challenges to come to me in future.

What about you?


Quora Question #4 : What is the average performance (key metrics) for a Facebook page?

As with all questions regarding metrics and KPI’s I suggest you first start with answers to the following

1) What is the purpose of the Facebook page?

2) What is the business/personal plan for the Facebook page over the next 90 days, 12 months, and 36 months?

3) Is the Facebook page part of a broader social media marketing strategy?

4) What resources will be available to post, create content, engage and manage the Facebook page AND manage its metrics?

5) Have you considered benchmarking across your industry for Facebook engagement levels?

6) What is the targeting, budget and methods of promotion of the Facebook page?

The above questions will provide a broad set of key points and areas. From these answers define the critical success factors and then measure as either metrics or KPI’s.

Here is a specific numerical benchmark of figures you can use but beware the numbers are GENERAL (i.e. none industry specific so you may see higher or lower figures) Is Your Facebook Page Better than Average? Here's the Data You Need to Find Out

I trust this covers your question fully!

Facebook metrics

Facebook metrics


Quora Question #5 Why do I feel that if I share my goals/plans with others, I won't achieve them?

Every time I share my plans/goals for the future, I lose all of my motivation


Firstly I cannot know through one question the true source of your concern; however some general areas to consider may help you and others that read the answers.

Goal starred

Goal starred

1) Part of the reason for your concerns maybe because your goals and plans represent a very different outcome from your current state. By sharing these goals and plans with people in your current network, there is the risk they will talk you out of it, share reasons why THEY THINK you will not attain them and thus influence your confidence and determination to complete them.

2) You might consider this great TED Talk to help also describe some reasons NOT to share your plans and goals anyway. Keep your goals to yourself

3) There can be some merit is finding an accountability partner. Many people use a third party coach for this (a service I offer personal and business to business clients). This can help provide the support needed when in pursuit of goals and plans.

Consider your personal behaviors in 2 areas.

a) Habits The Habit Loop - A Haiku Deck by JamesDoyle JAMSO

b) Addressing the Fear of Failure How to deal with the fear of success and failure

To help you move forward, be specific and clear with your goals.

Maybe consider some daily use of affirmations to help boost your short term confidence. Life

I trust this helps you on your quest!

 Quora Question #6 What are some other methods than OKR, for tracking goals in companies?

Gathering data

Gathering data

We were using OKR for nearly two years in our Company and they worked fine, but recently our company has grown and number of teams has increased a lot.

Team’s OKRs are not synced with each other and it causes problems. I heard something about Spotify’s method Rhythm, but it is not documented well.


There are many systems and methodologies used.

Start here by reading through my collection of goal setting theory terms used which includes various models and systems.

Each main system has a link to other articles, slide deck or video (or all 3) to provide deeper understanding and help.

Let me know if you need for specific help in selecting the best model for your business.

A dictionary of goal setting theory terms


Quora question #7  What are the key goals a project manager should achieve?


The answer depends on the key culture and business objectives set for the project, stakeholders and business strategy priorities.

Simply review the methodology adopted and used i.e. SCRUM, AGILE or other project management systems for step guidance.

Take a peek at this board I created via Pinterest for project management. Project and Change Management Tips and Ideas

In brief.

1) On time

2) On budget

3) Risk management

4) Collaboration and success with stakeholders


Quora Question #8 How can I resist going on social media to become more productive and goal oriented?


Smartphones absorb much or daily time

Smartphones absorb much or daily time

Here is a slide deck I created mostly aimed for parents. These are the rules I applied for my own family with good success.

How to reduce tech time - A Haiku Deck by JamesDoyle JAMSO

Some additional points adding to the deck are

1) If over use of tech is seen then this is reduced at other times.

2) Create more positive habits i.e. phoning friends, exercise, reading books.

3) Use gamification. So, reward yourself for doing things NOT on social media.

In addition to become more productive and goal orientated I suggest you clarify the purpose of your life goals.

·         See this Pinterest board with 195+ productivity and time management tips. Time Management + Getting Things Done + Productivity

·         Here is an article I wrote to help break habits How to say goodbye to your bad habits

·         To boost your desire to become more goal orientated read this article. Are you getting ready?

These steps should help you; let me know how you progress.

Quora Question #9  What should I be doing daily if my goal is to learn coding and work in technology?

I'm a young aspiring Programmer, so I have so much time to devote to this goal. I'm currently Learning coding through Learn to code and help nonprofits and I'm wondering if there are other things I should be doing also to get me closer to my goal.

A strategic approach

A strategic approach

  1. Firstly understand the purpose of your goal.

  2. Secondly question if this needs a specific deadline or a be attached to a wider goal/vision.

  3. Research your desired end career/skills point and work backwards to define the correct interim steps of skills.

  4. Update your motivation and remain committed to your goals.

  5. Seek additional soft skills to improve communication/collaboration and people management skills.

Quora Question #10 Is it possible for a man to reach all his goals without any support from anybody?


This depends on several points.



1) What is the deadline and resources needed to attain the goals?

2) What are the resources available to support the skills needed?

3) What is the goal?

4) What level of sustained motivation the person has to complete the goal on their own.

The question is too generic to provide specific help but I trust the 4 points provided above help.


Quora Question #11 What are KPI's worth measuring in a sugarcane plantation that is just in its initiation phase?


Firstly I suggest you understand the purpose, vision and mission of your plantation. From this start point you can create and develop a strategy for your sugarcane production. Be sure to include regulation, market and client requirements also.

The strategy will then highlight the important and critical areas of your business to be measured.



After these steps you have a much clearer decision to make regarding the exact and unique KPI’s that apply for your business.

1) Start by looking at Balance Score Cards as principles to measure your business. Here I have detailed why you should think of it as a BIASED score card. Biased scorecard for the best way to success

2) Take a peek at this article about KPI selection Why buying shoes is like choosing the correct KPI.

3) Here are is a deck with the key elements your KPI’s should have 8 Key Elements of Great KPI's - A Haiku Deck by JamesDoyle JAMSO

4) Ensure you understand the difference between KPI’s and Critical Success Factors (CSF)Do you mean key performance indicator or critical success factor?

5) If you are concerned about generating too many metrics then use this article. How to manage an overabundance of competing metrics

Let me know if you have any further question on this question, however this provides the best free answers to help solve your challenge with a personalized method.

Happy Measurement


Inspiration from nature is a cpmmon mountaineers motivation

Inspiration from nature is a cpmmon mountaineers motivation

Quora Question #12 What do you do when you really, really want to give up or give in?


Different people respond to different motivations.

I suggest a few tips:

1) Try affirmations Life and business affirmations for goal management success

2) Motivational quotes also help some people Quotes for life and performance

3) Think of something different

4) Create a reward

5) Gamify your action

6) Remember WHY you are doing what you are doing

7) Understand the power of habits How to say goodbye to your bad habits

8) Face the fear of success and failure How to deal with the fear of success and failure

9) Hold yourself accountable and/or find an accountability partner

10) Understand the consequences of your decision FULLY

Quora Question #13 How long did it take for you to achieve your weight goal?

Measure up

Measure up

I suggest at all times not to focus on a weight goal but a lifestyle, otherwise your weight will creep back up at times of low motivation. Make the correct choices for the correct reasons.



Quora Question #14 : All I do becomes a memorial. It amounts to nothing. No one ever cared what I did but just looked at me w/raised eyebrows. How can I face the future?

I had to find my own way in life. I got a BA and MA but discovered the real world also requires life experience-which I never attained. I never had self-confidence either. Whatever I did in life no matter how well was like a fairy tale- once it ended it was over. Beauty turned back into pumpkins.



You already have some answers so I will try not to repeat too much here. One of the sections you asked within was Goal Setting so my answer will focus more on that area, however it spills over to the other areas you raise.

Ideas and goals are cheap to find.

Gaining sustained performance, meaning, motivation and purpose are harder. For this reason alone we have so many people seeking self-help books, religion and relationships. I suggest start not with WHAT but with WHY.

Break down your current status and circumstances and then compare to an “ideal” life. It does not have to be too specific or ambitious at this point (that can come at a review time later).

Here are some suggested reads that can help your journey.

1) Accountability

2) Vision boards: Vision board for your life and business

3) Are you getting ready Are you getting ready?

Try these steps. Do not worry if you fail a few times in making each step work that is normal. If you struggle too much then reach out to me again and I will do my best to help.


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James Doyle - Most viewed KPI writer status on Quora

James Doyle - Most viewed KPI writer status on Quora

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