Quiz: How Ready Are You For Your Goals?

Discover your goal progress status and learn how to improve

Step by step guide

Personal goal setting covers all aspects of life

Personal goal setting covers all aspects of life

Welcome to your personal development goal setting quiz. Use it as an audit and status finder. We have compiled the quiz to generate a number with leveling status achievements.

At the end of the quiz are descriptions of each score level and additional supporting information with tips at the bottom describing key focus elements for each question type.

Review each of the statements below. Your response should be based on your actual current state and note as the intended status.

Once your responses are completed, add the total score by adding each answer number for the full questionnaire.

Using the total from all your answers, read the summary level of your current performance. Apply the key lessons and take away tips to implement improvement.

Come back and retake this questionnaire as part of your performance management and performance review process.

Scale for scoring is based on how much you agree with the statement:

0 = You disagree strongly this statement applies to your current status.

1,2,3,4,5 Various personal levels of agreement 1= Very low to 5= strongly favorable

6 = You strongly agree with this statement and it applies perfectly to your status.

1. My goals are aligned to my principles, values and life purpose.

(0 no, they are separate) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes that's me and when I do not spot it, I seek some alignment)


2. I have goals for health, career, relationships, wealth, and spirit (philosophy).

(0 no, goodness my goals are only set for one area) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and I understand how they help each other with minimal conflict )


3. I know when what and how to motivate myself.

(0 no, I don't need this) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes I have a great toolbox for this)


4. My priorities for my goals are understood to me and those closest to myself.

(0 no, goodness what are you talking about?) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and they help)


5. I tie my goals together when possible to maximize their impact.

(0 no, is that even possible?) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes synergy is a hidden gem for success)


6. My current performance and status of each goal is known

(0 no`I only measure the final end result) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and I even know the rate of progress I am making)


7. There is an accountability process established for my goals.

(0 no, I do not want that) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and it is done on a regular basis)


8. I share gratitude to others and celebrate my progress

(0 no, not until I am finished with my goal) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes I know most goals is still a team achievement)


9. I understand the difference between short, medium and long-term goal setting.

(0 no, all my goals are similar) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes that's me I know the key phases and life cycles for goal types)


10. My methods of progress measurement are established, verified and robust.

(0 no, I just know it when I get there) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes this is vital)


11. I periodically seek benchmark and best practice to help accelerate my progress.

(0 no, I will do this my way) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and that includes a good coach)


12. When I do not understand the details of an exact goal, I at least know the trajectory to help define them.

(0 no, I'm OK with vague goals) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and I periodically fine tune to help maximise the results possible)


13. Setbacks are a normal occurrence with most goals.

(0 no, anything that slows progress is a disaster) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes but that's also where I learn the most)


14. I remain adaptable to amend and take the opportunity with goal progress.

(0 no, my goals are fixed, end of discussion) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes, but I am also careful not to chase silver bullet unsustainable solutions)


15. I am honest with myself about my strengths and weaknesses both physically and mentally.

(0 no, I know only either my strengths or weakness, not both) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes and I keep this knowledge updated on a regular basis)


16. Process management and time planning help create goal delivery progress.

(0 no, I get to my goals when I can) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes that's correct and I have the spreadsheets to prove it)


17. I set my own goals but acknowledge and help others with theirs also.

(0 no, I only have time for one set of goals) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes I do that on a regular basis)


18. Progress is important but so is fun

(0 no, there is no time for fun until the goal is done) 0__1__2__3__4__5__6 (6 yes, fun is free and important)

Your PERSONAL Quiz Goal Score Guide

Results in the range between 0 - 25 = Work to be done here quickly: Explorer status

You probably have a wide vision but a variety and unstructured approach to achievement. Your success can appear haphazard and you feel happy when things magically fall into place as you expected.

Goal success is within your grasp

Goal success is within your grasp

Motivation and inspiration sound a little woo-woo to you or you feel that that should be just for the highest performing athletes and blue-chip CEO. You do not have time for such nonsense and prefer to just get on with things as they are.

Your future plans are vague and you can become distracted easily with new interesting events, information or outside influences.

Your prior goal setting has let you down. You know that the few people that achieve great things are the few and not part of you. You have seen the sacrifices people have taken and the price it has made on those around them for the selfish achievement of ambition and goals. Sometimes this has seen the break of relationships and broken dreams after serious setbacks in career, study or injury.

The goals set for you are also linked to principles you have not embraced or wish to do so. You are not interested in how your personal goals can match a business philosophy...

-         The great news is you can make significant improvement and strides by concentrating and making some small adjustments in your mindset. Read and act upon the improvement steps we highlight to give yourself the boost of confidence and seek a fresh perspective in how your daily life is linked to a wider sense of purpose.

Results in the range between 26 - 44 = Gaining control of your goals: Inspector Gadget status

Your results with goal setting so far seem to be sporadic. There have been occasions where you meet goals with passion and other times that motivation or other circumstances came as obstacles too big to get over.

Health is one part of the goal range needed for full success

Health is one part of the goal range needed for full success

The number of demands on your daily life stretches your time too finely to meet you’re your goals and the people you socialize with seem happy enough anyhow.

You know a few people that have achieved greatness but do not know their full process for doing so. You also know that there are many ways to achieve success and you are waiting for the correct system to help you achieve them instantly.

-         Read and act upon the key tips we propose for your attainment of success. You have had a taste of success and we can help you experience it more often. Read our articles on a periodic basis to help develop the knowledge and skills needed for performance improvement that is sustainable.

Results in the range between 45 - 79 = The tactical doer : Potential Genius status

You understand the difference and need for setting achievable goals, stretch goals and the occasional moon shot goal. You have a model or series of models that help you systemize your approach to projects and goals.

Your reputation as an achiever places you often in leadership roles or significant expert on getting tasks done.

You are aware of other people’s motivations and understand the importance of developing a strong mindset. Your relationships with others in social or organizational roles provide respect for your efforts and you are sometimes sought out to help get things back on track.

-         You have a great foundation in the skills and knowledge of successful goal setting and achievement. There is much more that can be done through improved mentoring and development of new skills and abilities both mentally and physically. Ensure the full range of life is covered within your goals.

Results in the range between 80- 100 = Awesomeness is here: Expert Mastery Status

Tour De France - for the best of the best

Tour De France - for the best of the best

Well done for joining a rare and elite group. This is the exclusive club of high attainment and contentment. You have robust systems, sufficient motivators, and accountability structures to ensure you can inspire others as well as yourself.

Results in the range between 101- 108 = We know why you took the quiz: Guru status

Consider being a leader or performance coach in some of your expert areas. Seek new skills and learning mechanisms to accelerate the performance of yourself and others. Be open and prepared to participate in research and experiments to personalize performance levels for optimal relevant skill progress and satisfaction in life.

Preparing to Set Goals

(Questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 12)

Planning for success and linking goals with values

Planning for success and linking goals with values

The first goal is to understand the basics of your character, principles, values, and philosophy (spiritual) system. These act as the guiding framework for your motivation, sense of purpose and impact the approach to your goals.  For example, a highly motivated bodybuilder can come as a vegan on one side of the sport to a steroid injecting participant at the other end of the sport. The impact of each approach will set the limits of progress, sustainability and consequences therefore of the solid and relative goal setting measures.

Understanding the gaps between personal and external motivators helps you seek new perspectives when comparing different values and goals. So, your personal goal of improving sustainability to reduce environmental impact can be linked to productivity goals set by a business.

If you are struggling to understand and define your values then consider reading taking our 11-day challenge.

For an introduction to goal setting theory, start with INSPIRED and SMARTER.

Shaping Robust Success from Goals Setting Theory

(Questions 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 16)

The understanding of the process, goal setting, and addressing expectations are 3 key steps towards robust success.

You may already have experience with Locke’s SMART goals or OKR or other performance systems. You may have tried a 10x system or other theory.

Take a review of the common terms used within goal-setting theory to familiarize yourself with the range of potential system theories and start to consider their applications to the goals you have worked on in the past.

Avoid congitive bias and create critical thinking skills

Avoid congitive bias and create critical thinking skills

Part of goal setting includes developing critical thinking skills understanding motivation through rewards, games and a wider purpose. Read more about GAMIFICATION and how why it is important to beware of the fear of success and failure.

Learn from the power and value of benchmarking, review and best practice review. This applies to your own personal achievements relative to each other plus those attained by the best in the world.


(Questions 1, 3, 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18)

With a little will and all the skill, your chances of success remain low. The impact of mindset and how to identify motivators and inspirational inputs is vital for helping to visualize possibilities and help stimulate self-confidence.

Seek to understand some of the skills to help improve mindset from visualization to meditation.

Learn the principles of habit building and create some specific motivational tools for specific types of circumstances. In advance prepare of alternative plans in case of injury, setbacks etc. all linked to strong continual progress to your priority goals.

Explore the concepts of gamification and variable rewards to retain fresh experiences with progress.

Be prepared to invest in best practice help when applicable and have an accountability system in place to ensure goal management is retained at both the micro and macro level.

Consider studying more theory about change management and trial new skills that might support your goals (improved cross training or dance to improve another sport).

Achieving Goals

(Questions 5, 6, 8, 10, 14)

Within the ethical and principled parameters ensure you celebrate and reward those that help your progress. The gratitude should be shared upwards, across and downwards.

No matter the type of goal, process is key

No matter the type of goal, process is key

Consider how your progress can act as an inspiration, guide or reference for others to learn from and encourage the engagement it brings.

Ensure periodic review of milestones and progress is made. Link the activity to wider life goals and evaluate their relevance, priority and new potential goals that need to be amended, dropped or created.

Questionnaire Summary

For performance in life and business sustained success relies upon more than luck or unethical behavior. Identifying the need for joining principles and values will help boost motivation during difficult times and help heighten the sense of achievement in the good times.

Use the questionnaire as a periodic reference point to discover your rate of progress in goal setting skills and potential.