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Only read this article if you have a clear vision, mission and set of ethical principles already in place personally and for your business. If you do not, then simply book mark this article, agree those points first and then come back after.

Have a clear defined vision first

Have a clear defined vision first

Great that you have achieved the first and most important step in goal setting, you have agreed the end deliverables you seek and a guiding set of principles on how to achieve them.

The purpose of goal setting is to now put in place the key stepping stones to reach these ends. Your goals may need to be generated using a mix of different goal setting systems.

Reader Question: What goal setting challenges does your business experience?

 Why are there so many goal setting systems?

The longest serving goal setting system within business is the use of SMART goals. At JAMSO we prefer an extension to this model to SMARTER. (see below)


The success of SMARTER goal setting within business is that the process allows it to be managed easily and is a self-contained system. However, for larger ambitious projects such as those seen in leading technology or industry disruption companies, SMART and SMARTER are not enough.

You will also need much larger goals generated using some of the concepts gathered and shared from BHAG (Big hairy audacious goals) where significant platform steps are required and the measure of “realistic” are too subjective.

Other systems are available and include WISE, INSPIRED and HARD as the most common systems or rising in popularity is the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology. Each system has something unique to offer at a personal and business level. The “secret” to successful goal setting is finding the system that matches your needs the most.

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Reader Question: When was the last time you and your organization reviewed its goal setting strategy?


How many people and organizations fail to reach their goals?

A startling statistic from the University of Scranton Journal of Psychology reports only 8% of people succeeded with their 2015 New Year’s Resolution.  Within the business environment the figures can become significantly stronger in favor of success however only 11% of companies surveyed by the Harvard Business Review stated they have all the resources to meet company’s strategic priorities.

These figures highlight a significant challenge and impact personal and business ambitions.

Why we should focus on the process.

Define your phase and prepare for the next

Define your phase and prepare for the next

The path to success is varied and unique for each person and business. However, similarities can be found in each case from industry, location, funding, skills etc. to identify key common processes to raise performance to goals.

An established strategic framework and system provides the infrastructure and confidence in “doing the right thing”, this no matter the current performance, helps provide continual momentum to the end business objective and goal.

As leaders and staff churn takes it’s effect on a company, the reliance on systems and strong processes are important so the company goals are still attained.

What affects the business journey

There are a few key differences that make organizational goal setting and personal goal setting different. Most personal goal has fewer variables that impact the outcome.

Organizational goal setting is much more complex. Effects from inter departmental cooperation, change of staff, market changes, regulation or technology can require business goals to be reset on a more frequent basis.  

Your business has a duty to support the staff within it to reach the business goals needed. Significant factors on this journey to goal success are the needs to support self-efficacy.

The action and mix makes the full result.

The action and mix makes the full result.

Organizations should seek other positive areas to secure goal success, from exploring the use or gamification to appropriate reward systems.

Achievement through determination and process design

Personal goals often fail through the lack of accountability. Organizational goals are held easier accountable and thus through process design of goals are more robust. This process element can be combined with the emotional determination of each staff member to deliver through structure and determination.

Note: Not everyone within a large organization will always be in agreement with your goal or objective (sense of urgency, priority etc.) Seek to find some common elements of personal and corporate goals.

Success and survival of chance, circumstances and pivots

Keep an open mind to improve and take new opportunities whilst in pursuit of your goals. The creation of a Gantt chart and a well-planned project with researched milestones is still only a plan. Life, markets and unforeseen events are the natural curve balls every person and business needs to be prepared for.

The organizational strategy and executional tactics should seek methods to grow, evolve and change to reflect internal and external opportunities. This may involve changing goals and processes. Keep these improvements openly communicated across the organization or else the leadership may be perceived as reactionary.

Ready Set Go_als

So, you have the framework, a respectable vision, mission, valued principles and you are now “tooled up” to use process and systems with your goals. During the process, reflect on some final points:

Core elements needed

Core elements needed

·        How can you ensure and design satisfaction during the process doing and action?

·        How will you ensure critical thinking is assured and not biased thinking as you pursue your goals?

·        What leadership, management habits need to change?

·        What measurement and review system have we in place to ensure performance?

·        How have we designed accountability into our goal setting system?

·        Which support system mentioned is missing within your organization?


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James Doyle - Chief Goal Getting Officer - JAMSO

James Doyle - Chief Goal Getting Officer - JAMSO

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