Reflecting upon a year’s worth of wise words

Looking back on the use and outcomes from reading quotes.

Don't just look great, be great

Don't just look great, be great

Welcome back, we spent this year sharing many words of wisdom to inspire and provide a fresh perspective on perplexing challenges.

During the past year, you have had the opportunity to read from our curated and created quotes on subjects such as failure, fun, metrics, gamification, success, goal setting, and change.

We even diverted into extreme sports as a reference.

From all the inputs we used points of reference from ancient Greece, Asian philosophy all the way through to the most recent leading thoughts and insights.

Indeed our shares of quotes totaled almost one for every day of the year. Certainly, we exceeded this total when considering our re-shares of older quotes across social media.

From inspiration into action

With each of our published quotation articles this year we also included some “homework”. This listed and included specific questions for you to reflect and ask yourself on, whilst reading the motivational messages.

So, what happened after that?

Did you simply click forward to another JAMSO page, website or social media experience?

What exact action and consequence has occurred since reviewing the messages?

If you simply feel a little better from reading them, then great. Our job is partly complete and this is rewarding enough for the time and effort we take to create, design and share them.

What progress did you make so far in 2019?

What progress did you make so far in 2019?

For those that embraced the reflective questions and took definitive action, then WELL DONE. You are in an exclusive club of action takers and doers. We would love to hear from you directly about your struggles, decisions, and results so far with actions taken.

The rest of you that never responded with a key reflection then we also want to hear from you. What would it take for you to make some more change? – Let us know and we will see how to help you more.

There will still remain some others that have used the time to click through, scroll, read and move on without a thought. This folk is most likely to remain unhappy or dissatisfied with their lives and decisions. If you know people like that, then help them out of their funk.

The key message behind these words of wisdom has been activated.

Taking action is the meaning of life. Face the challenges and learn from those that have struggled before you.

Looking for inspiration for the next 12 months

The inspiration you seek over the next 12 months just might be best served by reflecting upon what has inspired you over the past 12 months. Reconnecting to these motivators helps revitalize mood, motivation and stimulate positive behaviors.


Thank you for spending your time during this year to review our selected words of wisdom in quote form. We look forward to sharing more with you next year.